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We’re doing something a bit different today: I’m the only voice you’re going to hear on this episode. In this short and sweet edition of The Online Course Guy, I’m going to be sharing a big change I’ve recently made in my funnel: and why I’m so excited about it!

“The more you put in between your customer and your message, the less customers you will have.”

– Dan Henry

Some of what I’m sharing today might seem to go against the mainstream, or it might even seem too simple to make a difference. But hear me out, because this is worth a try.

In This Episode, We Talked About: 

  • (1:14) My experience with EverWebinar and why I wasn’t a fan
  • (3:10) Looking for alternatives
  • (3:30) My “lightbulb moment” at a conference
  • (4:25) Comparing results between my old and new systems
  • (5:06) Do you need evergreen webinar software?
  • (6:33) How I made the switch and what my webinar funnel looks like now
  • (7:33) Some cool features I’ve added
  • (9:34) Advantages to my new system
  • (10:54) How will you know if this will improve your conversion rates?
  • (12:23) How you can implement a simpler evergreen webinar
  • (13:43) Get your own template for evergreen webinars and more
  • (14:37) A simpler system is worth a try

What do you think – would you make the switch from webinar software to something simpler? Feel free to drop me a line and let me know. And make sure you tune in again next week for another more traditional episode of The Online Course Guy!

Jacques Hopkins: Hey guys, what's going on? It's Jacques and today's episode is a little bit different than normal. It's just going to be me. No cohost, no interviews, and it's going to be probably a little shorter than normal today. We're going to be talking about all things evergreen, webinars. So I used. Ever webinar, which is a really popular evergreen webinar software.

I use that for about a year and a half for piano in 21 days, and on February 1st of this year, I switched over to a different system and it's performing amazingly well. So in this episode, I'm going to go over with you exactly what I switched to, why I switched to it and how it's performing. So let's get into it.

Regular people are taking their knowledge and content, packaging it up in an online course, and they're making a living doing it. But not everyone is successful with online courses. There's a right way and there's a wrong way, and I'm here to help course creators actually succeed with online courses. Hi, I'm Jack Hopkins, and this is the online course show.

And off we go. Welcome aboard. Glad you're with us. This is the online course show. I am Jacques Hopkins, your host, and I'm excited to dive into all things online courses with you today. Like I said, this episode is going to be all about. Evergreen webinars. Evergreen webinars are one of the top ways that people are selling things on the internet, especially online courses these days.

It's one of the top funnels that I recommend that you have to consistently and really daily sell your online course, and a lot of, a lot of people are using it. A lot of people are using it very successfully and a lot of people are using. Ever webinar to execute their evergreen webinars. When I started doing an evergreen webinar after reading expert secrets a couple of years ago, I looked around and saw what all the big wigs were using and they were using ever webinar.

So I set mine up. Like other people were doing and yes, I had a fake chat going. Well, it wasn't a fake chat. It was a chat that I had exported from a live webinar. I did, but I did have fake number of attendees and the whole thing. While I never said, Hey guys, this is live and combinates you live. I always avoided saying any language like that.

Well, it, it certainly tried to give off the impression that it was live and you even, you even had to schedule a time, a date and a time for you to attend this thing. And so I gotta be honest with you guys. It's one of those things that I did because everybody seemed to be doing it. I never felt super comfortable with it, but it was converting and other people were doing it.

So I did it. And it worked, and most people were happy. But I certainly got my fair share of comments from people saying, Hey, I don't like what you're doing here. You make it come across as if it's live. And I know it's not really live and so on. So I've been trying to kind of find an alternative, a better solution that, that works for me and also works for my customers and prospective customers.

And, and I tried, you know, the first, the first place I went was to try all the different evergreen. Webinar software is out there, and so I literally signed up for the, for the trial, for the demo. I have everything like Demio is, well, I think what I went to first, and there's click meeting stealth seminar.

There's, there's all kinds of ones out there. You guys out there may have tried some of them. You know what I'm talking about, but I didn't really know what I was looking for. I just know that I wasn't finding it. And so I kept using ever webinar and then I went to the ClickFunnels conference. I think it was late.

January and I was excited to hear Dan Henry speak because Dan Henry's big in the, in the online course world, you know, he definitely knows what he's talking about. And it was interesting because, because most of his presentation was about how he switched away from ever webinar to something else for a lot of these reasons that I'm telling you about.

And he talked about how much simpler of a system he went to. He's like, what if we can just. Once somebody opts in for the presentation, present them the presentation right then, right there, no scheduling, no fancy features and so on. And so that very night like I was so energized. By what he was saying. I went in and I quote unquote, funnel hacked him and I, and I went in and looked and figured out exactly how his was working and then in my opinion, made it even better.

I added some, some pretty cool features to what he was already doing and it's been running ever since this, this new system has been running ever since, and I collected the data. The EverWebinar's system as a whole was converting at 5% for me and for the entire month of February. The. New system has been converting at 7% and that actually contributed to February of 2020 being my highest revenue, total number, of course, sales or whatever.

However we want to do it, ever best month ever. And I definitely attribute that to switching over to this new system. And so the big thing here is that to execute an evergreen. Webinar most effectively for everybody involved. For you and your your customers, prospective customers, you don't actually need any fancy evergreen webinar software.

You don't need actual evergreen webinar software at all. So one of the quotes from that talk with Dan Henry that really, really jumped out at me that I really love. It's this, he says, the more you put in between your customer. And your message, the last customers you will have, and I wanted, I want to quote him directly, but I would actually modify it ever so slightly because your customer is not your customer until they pay you money.

Right? So I would actually say it's the more you put in between your potential customer and your message, the less customers you. We'll have. Right. And when we do evergreen webinars with something like ever webinar, whether you're, we're scheduling a date and time and then we have a thank you page and then we have a waiting room, and then we have a countdown, and then we have the presentation room with all kinds of stuff in it.

And then because they scheduled a date and time, we have all these different emails trying to get them to actually attend. Like there's so much going on. We're putting way too much in between our potential customer and our message. And if our message is good. And we put less in between, then we'll end up with more customers.

So the way this works is I built the new system just in click funnels, right? So many of you know that I'm a big fan of ClickFunnels. I use it for all my landing pages, my funnels, and so on. But I was using ever webinar, you know, kind of integrated with click funnels before, whereas now it's totally click funnels.

I guess the one other thing that you need is you need to be using Wistia. To host your video to utilize some of the additional features that I was able to build into this system. But right now I have a webinar registration page that is built in click funnels before, and it's actually my same webinar registration page I was using.

Before you click the register button pop-up would come up and that's where the, that, that would be the ever webinar pop up. Now you click it and it's just the click funnels popup asking for your name and email. Once you hit submit on that boom, very next page. Your presentation is auto-playing and there's not much going on on that page.

It's nice and simple. It's a black background and their video, it autoplays. Now, a couple of cool features that I added that Dan Henry didn't have. A lot of you probably know, you can't auto play a video with sound anymore. All the browsers block that these days, and rightfully so. It was kind of annoying.

But you can have videos auto play without sound. So we want to have it set up with the video hosted somewhere auto-playing muted. But we need to, to really make it clear to people that they need to click somewhere to unmute it. So I've got this text right above the video with an arrow. It says, click here to play sound.

And once you click on the video. That goes away. So it's not bothering you the whole time. And the other really cool feature that my template has that I don't know that many people are doing is the button to enroll, right? That doesn't come in to the page until a certain point, right? And you can do that in click funnels.

You can say, Hey, don't show this element until, you know, the one hour Mark. And some people are doing it that way. But what I did instead with my template is I have it so that. That button doesn't come in until a certain timestamp of the video. Right. So that way I, I do allow people to still pause it and resume.

I allow people to watch it at 1.5 speed, two speed, or even slower if they wanted to. I don't allow people to just jump around any place they want in the video, but it's possible that the timestamp of the video is not always going to match the exact amount of time somebody has been on that page. So therefore I wanted to have it to where that button to enroll.

Doesn't come in until the exact right timestamp of the video, of the presentation. So those are a couple of cool features that I was able to, to implement, uh, with the help of a couple of really smart people. So that is all built into the template that I now have inside of click funnels. So it really couldn't be simpler at this point.

There's a webinar registration. And then there's a webinar watch page, and then I've got a template that people can buy, or if they sign up for click funnels with my affiliate link, they can have. But in that I've got an order form and then an order confirmation like that is like, it literally could not be any simpler.

And there's so many advantages of this new system over what I was using. Before, just to name a few. There's fewer barriers between my message and my potential customers. Like I was saying, so there's fewer barriers, therefore I end up with more customers. Right? And who doesn't? Who doesn't want more customers?

There are fewer features overall that can just malfunction or even confuse people. I mean, I would get, I would get emails all the time from people who couldn't figure out how to get the webinar working. It wouldn't play. They couldn't find it. This and that. Like this, it just works. There's just less clunkiness overall and more seamlessness, so you get fewer support requests.

Overall. Overall, it's just a, it's just a better experience. It's an overall better experience. There's absolutely no pretending it's live. The fact that, you know, people can pause it, they can refresh the page and it'll start over. We're certainly not promoting in any way, shape or form that it is live.

We're just calling it a workshop. There's some red text up at the very top of the page that flashes. It says your, your workshop is being presented right now. Don't close the window or your presentation. We'll stop. And then just to top it all off, and I mentioned this already, it converts better, right? So if all those benefits weren't enough already, a top it all off, it converts.

Better. Now take that with a grain of salt. That's me and my brand and my customers. I went from 5% to 7% the way that Dan Henry did things, he said that he went from 6% to nearly 12% now, you know, keep in mind with his, his. Program. He sells a very high ticket program in a moneymaking niche, and he actually, they close the sale on the phone.

So it's a totally different than me and my piano business. And your business is probably totally different too. So the only true way you're going to know if this works for you is to try it. So disclaimer, you know, this could convert worse for you. I'm not saying it's definitely going to convert better for you.

I'm just sharing the data with you. From me in my company, and that's one of the cool things I like to do here, guys. I mean, I've got an online piano course that I started seven years ago, and now I spend most of my time because piano in 21 days is pretty well outsourced and automated. I spend most of my time on this side, right? The online course guy, the online course show, and I still have that luxury of having piano in 21 days as kind of my sandbox, my, my, my. My sandbox to to try things in and share the results with you guys. So just keep in mind that these results are just based on one small business here, but you can certainly try it.

And if you do want to try it, I have this template that I built out and it's ready to go for you guys. There's even some detailed instructional videos I've included right inside of the template. Several people have already implemented this. Nate DOT's had implemented it a couple of weeks ago. He's loving it.

Most of my next level courses students have implemented this as well. It's. It's amazing. So if you want to try it out, there's a couple of ways, right? I kind of went over with you how simple this system is, so you can try to build it yourself, right? If you're using click funnels, you know, just kind of build it out.

Simple watch page, you can go, you know, go through my funnel and look in funnel hack me. Are you using something else like lead pages? Or if you're just using WordPress or Kartra or something else, you know, try to build it yourself. That's perfectly okay if you're a ClickFunnels user already. And you just want to import my template right into your account.

I do have it available for sale. You can find that link by going to the show notes for this particular episode, which this is episode one 25 so you can find the show slash one 25 or if you are not a click funnels user and you're ready to finally jump in and, and this will be the first thing that you implement with click funnels.

Then you can get it for free. You can get my template for free. When you sign up for ClickFunnels using my affiliate link, and that is just the online course so once again, there's really three options here. If you want to try to build out something similar. One is you can kind of funnel hack me or you know, heck funnel hack Dan Henry and try to build it yourself, which is perfectly fine.

And two is you can just buy my template and import it into your click funnels account. That is $297 and you can find that link at the show notes at the online course, 25 or three if you want the template for free, then you just sign up for ClickFunnels using my affiliate link and within 24 hours you'll get an email from my assistant Emily, with not only the this new template, but all of my templates, even a small course on how to use click funnels as well.

I've even had one person so far who already had click funnels, sign up for a second click funnels account. In order to get my templates and then move over all of his funnels from his first account to a second account, and then close that first account. So even if you have click funnels already, it is possible for you to get this template for free.

Doing that as well. Once again, I'm just super excited about this new system. It just works so much better. It's such a better experience. It allows me to serve my students and prospective students so, so, so much better. And. It converts better. So if you've been on the fence about evergreen webinars, hopefully this, this helps you kind of jump over and take the dive in. Or if you're running evergreen webinars already and you're using one of those fancy softwares, and I invite you to try this out and just see if it works for you as well. So that's going to do it for this solo episode. Guys, once again, you can find all the show notes by going to the online course, 25 and Hey, maybe somebody shared this episode with you.

I'd invite you to keep listening to the online course show and the next episode for you, I'd recommend going back to episode 89 which is my online courses one Oh one episode, and for more online course resources, head over to the online course, thanks so much for listening. I hope you'll join me on this evergreen webinar revolution.

Talk to you next week.