I’m back with another on-the-road episode of The Online Course Show, this time coming to you all the way from Sedona, Arizona! Like the last several weeks, I’m recording this episode on my phone and keep things pretty simple since I’m traveling with my family.


Soon I’ll be back to my normal setup in my home office and my normal interview format along with co-host Dr. David Krohse. But right now I want to share with you some content from my “Simple Path to Online Course Success” webinar. I’m sharing this for two reasons: because the content itself is very valuable and because it’s the best way for you to understand the structure and flow of how my evergreen webinars work.

” I had no idea what I was doing when I got started and I was not an overnight success story… but eventually I figured it out and got results that were better and better. January 2017 brought in $22,000 in revenue and I have not gone below that in a single month since then.”

– Jacques Hopkins

I appreciate you being here whether you’re a new listener or someone who’s been tuning all along! And I hope the info I share in this week’s episode sparks some food for thought about how your online course business can excel.

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (1:59) Traveling in 2020
  • (3:14) The business-related tasks I’m still doing each day
  • (4:57) The evergreen webinar content we’re covering in today’s episode, and why
  • (6:42) Welcoming new listeners
  • (8:07) Introducing the webinar and setting expectations
  • (10:04) Why I have credibility on this topic
  • (13:39) The 2 groups of people who will find this information useful
  • (14:45) You don’t need a big team or a huge amount of upfront investment to get started
  • (16:00) My thoughts on “overnight success” and my own journey
  • (17:29) Why someone who is not a “piano expert” is a successful piano course creator
  • (18:16) How this Online Course Show came to be
  • (18:56) Breaking success down into synergistic components
  • (21:42) Why I care more about setting up a good funnel than paid ads
  • (23:11) The joy of feeling like your business actually makes an impact
  • (24:58) How to set up the number one factor for success
  • (26:01) The key to generating consistent traffic without paid ads
  • (32:20) The value of sticking with a platform such as YouTube
  • (33:50) The evolution of my funnel and the strategy that made the biggest difference
  • (42:55) The importance of not over-complicating your funnel
  • (46:36) Focusing on transformation for your customers
  • (49:12) How I get reviews and testimonials
  • (55:52) Recommendations and free offers
  • (58:36) The Online Course Accelerator for new course creators
  • (1:01:52) Next Level Courses for course creators who want to level up
  • (1:12:33) Alternatives if you want to be a part of Next Level Courses without ClickFunnels
  • (1:17:54) Next Level Courses timeline
  • (1:22:41) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Guy.

141: Week 4 & 5 of 5- Running an Online Course Business from the Road
Jacques Hopkins:
And off we go. Welcome aboard. Glad you're with us. This is the online course show. I'm your host shack Hopkins, and I'm excited to dive into all things online courses with you today. If you are new to this podcast while I want to welcome you, and thank you so much for being here, you're going to get a lot of valuable information about starting and running and scaling an online course and an online course business.
With this podcast, this is one of the only podcasts out there. And dare I say, probably the biggest podcast out there. That's completely devoted to online courses, which if you heard my story, if you heard me talk for any length of time, you know, I'm very, very excited about online courses. It's it means a whole lot to me because of what it's allowed me to do.
And it's allowed me to impact so many other people with just the information that I've been able to package up. And sell in a digital product known as an online course. Now, also, if you're new, then I don't want you to think that this is some completely unprofessional podcast and that I don't know what I'm doing.
Well, actually, those things might be true. But in this case, in the past five weeks, including this episode, I'm actually recording them for my phone because I am on a really, really fun road trip with my family. And , that's what I'm doing. And I'm just kind of chronicling running my online course business, my online piano course business while I'm traveling and now really giving my online course business a lot of attention.
And so it's been a lot of fun. We've done a lot of national parks. If you caught last week's episode in week four, I was coming at you from Yellowstone, which was amazing. I had never been there before. I'd never been to Montana or Wyoming before until going to Yellowstone. And now I'm coming at you from Sedona, Arizona.
And since Yellowstone, we went through Jackson hole and the grand Tetons, we went to Moab where we stopped and saw the Arches National Park and Canyon Lands National Park, which was amazing. And then we stopped by the Grand Canyon. And now we're down here in Sedona, which is also amazing and we just absolutely love to travel.
And this is obviously a very difficult time to travel. We had plans to spend most of the summer in France. It's like we do a lot of the time, but that obviously didn't work out really well with the COVID situation. And so we decided to do it a little summer national park, outdoorsy road trip while trying to be as safe as possible.
And I think we've done a very good job. Of being safe, wearing masks, social distancing, mostly eating picnics and outdoors and things like that while still trying to live life. And do some really cool things with the family. So we've got our two young daughters who are just about to turn three and five.
Their birthdays are in a couple of weeks from now. And then my wife as well. So it's the four of us on this road trip and what I do each day to run my online course business from the road. I essentially do three things. First thing I do is I do my Bonjoro's. And so most of them, you heard me talk about that before, but that's just a short, quick video that I sent each and every person individually that purchases my online piano course.
So the app Bonjoro makes that super, super easy for me to do. And so I make sure to do that each and every day, so I don't get behind. And then I also check my daily report that my assistant Emily puts together for me. So those are just some of my KPIs or key performance indicators that I check on each day that Emily puts together for me in a spreadsheet.
And that's really helpful to just make sure that the train is on the tracks for my business. And the last thing I check on is Slack, which is the application I use to communicate with my team. So I can check in there just to make sure everything's good. Nobody has any problems. And if there are, I can check in there and address those problems.
And then sometimes I'll have to jump into email after that, but it's just based on what I see in Slack. So those are the three things that are I'm doing each day, just to, like I said, keep the train on the tracks and it has gone very, very well. Sedona is really our last stop here. We're going to head back East to our home in Louisiana.
It's going to take a couple of days to get home, but this is really the last like scenic stop on our trip. So our trip is rapidly coming to an end, but it's been phenomenal. It's been so much fun to see the girls see all these cool places and just have a great time as well, and just have an awesome, awesome road trip.
As a family while making just as much money as I would at home and running my online business, my online course business. And so what I thought I would do in this episode in order to not just make it the same thing we kept her week after week is I want to play for you the. Evergreen webinar that I have going on at theonlinecourseguy.com.
I'm a big fan of evergreen webinars. And I really feel like I'm doing them the right way these days, not using like ever webinar, not really pretending it's live or anything like that. I've got some more information about that on the onlinecourseguy.com, but one of the main funnels that I use at the onlinecourseguy.com is an evergreen webinar and it's the same at pianointwentyonedays.com.
I've got an evergreen webinar running there as well, but I thought that this audience would appreciate my online course guy evergreen webinar more than my piano webinar. Now definitely invite you to check out the piano webinar, if you want to see a successful evergreen webinar. But I think you'll really appreciate the content of this webinar.
And so it's called the simple path to online course success. And what I want to do as an online course coach, if you will, is I want to try to simplify this process as much as possible. That's what I've done for the piano and turning what a lot of people consider complicated and creating pianoin21days.com. I've tried to make learning piano as simple as possible but with online courses.
I want to do the same thing. And so I've tried to simplify the process of starting, creating, running and scaling an online course, as simple as possible. And I think I've got some frameworks that can really help you, whether you're a complete beginner or you have an online course already. So I want to play this for you.
I'm gonna play the audio for you from my evergreen webinar for two reasons. One is so you get the concept because I think it's very valuable content for most of the people that would be listening to this podcasts, but also just so you can see kind of the flow of one of my evergreen webinars as well.
And I forgot to mention this right at the beginning, but we have a lot of new listeners and I did welcome the new listeners, but I've been on a couple of big podcasts here lately. I've mentioned the smart, passive income with Pat Flynn appearance last week, which was a ton of fun. Pat is such a great guy to been following his stuff for a very, very long time.
And I've been getting a lot of messages from his audience lately through email and Instagram and Facebook and so on for people that have found me through the smart, passive income podcast. And I believe you guys are still out there listening. And I really appreciate you coming over here to the online course show, but I'm recording this right now on Sunday, July 19th, and tomorrow morning, it's supposed to be another episode of a big podcast coming out where I'm supposed to be featured and that's choose FI.
I love the choose FI podcast guys. That's another podcast that I listened to myself F I stands for financial independence and I'm big on that. I've always tried to pursue financial independence and that's one of the top resources out there for information on financial independence. And so I'm expecting a lot of listeners of the choose FI podcast to listen to the episode with me that comes out tomorrow on Monday.
And then this episode that you're listening to right now will come out on Tuesday, July 21st. I hope I got all those dates correct. So if you're coming in from the choose at five podcast, I want to welcome you very much as well. So without further ado, let's go ahead and play the audio from the simple path to online course success.
Hey, Hey, what's going on out there. This is Jacques Hopkins and welcome to this workshop. I'm officially calling it a million dollars from a freakin piano course. How's Jacq use one funnel and one course to build a seven figure online course business that's 99% automated and how you can too really excited about this training.
It's going to be, it's going to be different than most of the other workshops and webinars and everything you see out there. You, first of all, you see me on camera here at the bottom, right? I am right here. Just grabbed an ice coffee. I say that I'll be honest with you guys. My wife made it for me. Have a wonderful wife shout out to her.
And, uh, and so you see me here, um, it's going to be super casual. I got the backwards hat going on and we're just going to have some fun here together today, going through some of this, um, training, some of this material that I've got for you. And at the end of this, I don't have some multi thousand dollar program to pitch you to sign up for.
Um, either, uh, I do have, uh, I definitely have ways I can help you further beyond this training, but it's not going to be one of those, you know, $2,000, $5,000. I've seen 10 and $20,000 programs out there, even on, on helping others create online courses. That's not what this is. This is going to be a lot of valuable training.
I'm going to be showing you in this training things you probably never seen before. And I'm probably going to be. Simplifying, how to run, how to start and how to run. An online course business, a successful online course business, simplifying it more than you ever heard anywhere else. And by the end of this, you're going to be like, wow, like I can do this.
I see, I see, I see the light now. Jacques has shown me the light. I can do that. Uh, this th that's what you're going to get out of this training right here right now. So if you could just close out the distractions, give me your attention. This is one of the best trainings I've ever put together. No bias at all.
Right. And I'm going to kind of show you a lot of the successes have had with piano in 21 days. I've show you a lot of the failures I've had as well. It's certainly not an overnight success story. Um, but not only do I have the benefit of sharing with you guys. The experience of running a successful online course business that at this point has generated over one point $7 million in sales.
But because of my podcast in my brand and I have had the experience of talking to hundreds of other successful course creators in all kinds of other niches. So my knowledge and coaching about online courses at this point in time comes from my experience from my own. You know, million-plus online course business that by the way, doesn't teach how to make money.
Right. It's just a piano. I'm just teaching people how to play piano and also from others from all kinds of different niches as well. So this is a very comprehensive training. This is the latest and greatest in what's working today. Uh, so this is, there's a picture of me holding a keyboard and my two comma club award.
That is a, that is the award that ClickFunnels sends out to you. And by the way, if you've not heard of ClickFunnels, that's the software I use to kind of host my course and build my funnels and so on. If you don't even know what a funnel is, it's okay. I'm going to get into it here in a little bit, because it is important to the success of an online course business.
But I built, I have one funnel that sells one course. And it brought in over a million dollars and they sent me that award and I got to take a picture with the creator Russell Brunson and all that. Um, which now that I'm thinking of it, I should have put that picture in this presentation as well. Uh, but that's what that is.
And in fact, if you see my video here, that's, that's the two comma club award right there behind me. Um, and just for a little more proof here and, uh, what do they call it? Like social proof, I guess, is that the right word? Just to show you that I'm somebody you can trust and like somebody you can, um, yeah.
Trust and yeah, I'm a good person to learn from as far as online courses go and make sure I'm not like lying to you guys. Here's my Stripe account. I'm gonna go ahead and just hit refresh for you. So you can see like yesterday's numbers, today's numbers, but all time a piano in 21 days has brought in over one point $7 million and climbing, um, over 5,000 customers, students.
And it's lifetime. This account right here is just piano course sales everything from the online course guy, the online course show and all that. That's all I'm not here. And also, I do have like a little bit of affiliate income I make from piano in 21 days from recommending keyboards and so on. That's not here either.
This is a hundred percent piano core sales over the lifetime of piano in 21 days. It still blows my mind to this day. That something like teaching piano online could be this successful and also, you know, completely transparent. This is revenue too, right? Profit is not one point $7 million. That's not how much money has gone in my pocket.
There's certainly been some expenses. Um, I have, I haven't spent a ton on ads. You know, people ask me, um, you know, a lot of people out there get all of their traffic just from advertising. And when they, when I tell them the split that I have on traffic versus organic and. Hey, they're like, wow. That's, that's incredible.
I would love to have that. So I do spend a little bit on ads. I've got some contractors and people that work for me. Some of the software I use would be some of the expenses I have. So let me get back to full screen and let's get into a guys, uh, who is this for? If you're a beginner out there and you want to get started in online courses and you want to get started the right way and learn from somebody who's been there, done that and has the experience and teaches others today.
Well, you're in the right place. That's great. Also second type of person. If you're an existing course, creator, you have a course already, and you're looking to scale, simplify, automate, outsource, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. You looking to take your course to the next level. You're looking to scale your course.
You're looking to make it as good as possible. Then you're in the right place. Um, as well, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that, how you can diagnose any problems within your existing online course business and fix them very, very quickly. So beginners, existing course creators. Awesome. You're in the right place.
Let's get into it. My goal for you in this presentation is to show you how simple the seven figure online course businesses are to set up. Let me, let me try that again, to show you how simple seven figure online course businesses are set up not to set up, but you may think that to have a seven figure online course, it's gotta be like super complex and you have the most complex funnel ever, and you got to have a sales team and you've got to have all these employees and this and that.
I'm going to show you how that's not the case, and I'm gonna show you how it can actually be simple. And two is I'm going to show you how you do it. I don't have to spend thousands of dollars on training to be successful with online courses. And if you stay until the end, because I truly believe in this information.
Um, I want to incentivize you to stay until the end of it. Uh, my promise to you is that I'll show you how you can join my new, uh, it's kind of like an inner circle program. I'll explain more about that later, but. It's kind of like everything I have to offer is, is I'm putting in this new program or the latest version of my new program.
And I'm going to show you like literally how you can get in for free. I'm going to show you how to that at the end. You're gonna, you guys are gonna be really excited about that offer that I have. This is for a limited time, uh, I've shared this offer with a couple of people who I thought would be interested and they're like, Jacq, are you freaking kidding me?
Like how, like, How, how is this free? Um, we'll get there. Alright, so, so who am I real quick? We're we're going to get right into the training here shortly guys. Uh, that's me. I'm married, been married for nine years now. Two little girls. I'm about to turn five in three. Um, love my little family there. Um, I started piano in 21 days, which is my course back in 2013.
And I had no idea what I was doing when I got started and I was not. And on a overnight success story, you know, I would listen to all these podcasts and all these success stories of people starting online courses. And they would just, you know, it was like the same stories. Like they, they would launch it and then they would get distracted with something.
And a couple of hours later, they would go look at their bank account. And all of a sudden they had 150,000 we're sitting there. And so, because all I would hear is the success stories. I just assume that I've built an online course. That would be the same for me. And that's not what happened. I didn't get, um, I didn't get even one sale the first day that I launched.
Um, and, and sales were very, very slow for the first few years, honestly. Um, but it, eventually I was able to quit my job because of the success of my online course. My last day of work was done 31st, 2015. And so it's a, it's been several years now since I quit my job and I am having so much fun, um, being my own boss and, and working with people, both piano and with online courses and, and guys, I'm still very much actively involved with piano in 21 days.
I love that. I love that so much. I'm still doing live Q and A's with those people a weekly. And, um, it's just such a joy to be able to run an online course where you're the teacher, everybody looks up to, you respects you and wants to learn from you, which is just crazy. Cause guys, I'm not. Like a concert pianist expert.
He has like, you would be amazed at how not that great at piano. I am. I just have kind of this simple way of breaking down the piano that really resonates with people. And I take beginners to competency very, very quickly with, um, with the course process as well. All right. Are we still here? I think, uh, I think we are, I think I had a little glitch with my computer, but I think we're still here.
So, uh, I don't think you're going to find a simple or breakdown of how to have a successful course business. Then I'm about to show you. Um, so like I showed you over one minute, 1.7 million. Dollars in sales from a little bowl, piano course, host of the online course show. Many of you find me that way through the online course show.
And I appreciate that very much. Um, that's kind of how this whole brand started. I'm like, let me just start a podcast and start putting information out that way. Start interviewing other, uh, course creators. It's kind of the podcast I wish I would have had when I was getting started. And so thank you guys for listening to that.
And you could consider me an online course coach as well. Let's get into it guys. My four synergistic secrets. That's a big word that are necessary for a successful online course business. This is so fun. I'm so excited to share this with you guys. Um, I haven't shared this, this exact material and this simply in before, this is something I've been working on for awhile and hopefully it makes a lot of sense.
So. This is how simple, a successful online course businesses. There it is right there. There's a traffic or not a traffic. That's a weird, I don't know why I said that there's traffic. There's a funnel. There's a course. And then you've got to have student success and testimonials as well. You've got to have those four components dialed in and working well.
In order to have an overall successful online course business. And if you have any breakdowns with any one of these, then you're gonna have problems. You can have the greatest funnel in the world. You can have the greatest course in the world and, and you can even have testimonials, but if you don't have any traffic, then you don't have an online course business.
Or if you've got the traffic in an amazing course, and you've got testimonials, if you don't have a good funnel, you don't have a good online course business, or you can have amazing traffic. You have an amazing funnel, but if your course is awful, Then you're not going to have a good, uh, an online course business.
And if you have traffic and you have funnel and you have a good course, but you don't have a good system in place to automatically consistently get testimonials and you don't have students seeing your praise and sharing with other people, then you're not going to have a good online course business either.
So it's possible that you don't have any of these four dialed in, or if you're a beginner, you're not going to have any of these four or it's possible. You've got three of the four and you're just so, so, so close. Think about this and analyze your online course business. If you have one already and think about where the breakdown is coming for you and think about it like this.
This is why I call it synergistic because of the traffic goes into the funnel and then the funnel goes into the course and then the course produces successful students and hopefully testimonials. And those filter back into your funnel and traffic. This is what a successful online course business looks like.
This is what mine looks like. And this is what a lot of those that have come on my podcast and share their story of bare online course. That's making six, seven, six figures, seven figures and so on. That's what theirs looks like too. And my goal for you is if you don't have an online course yet to show you how to set this up.
And if you haven't online course diagnose it and let's fix the problems and get it to that point. So here's the four synergistic secrets and they tie into that diagram. I was just showing you secret one is how to generate consistent predictable traffic into your online course without paid ads. I'm not a paid ads guy, a lot of gurus online course gurus.
We'll teach you how to make the course and then run ads to the course, to get people to sign up. And that's great if it works and you know, you spend a dollar. If you spend a dollar on an ad or, you know, let's say you have a $500 course, and it costs you $450 in ads to get one signup. Well, that's not very fun.
It's not very fun to make only $50 in profit for each sale that you make much less, any other overhead or software or people that you have to pay that could put you in the red. And so when you're just getting started, I think it's important to find success without paid ads. That way you have a proven concept, and then you can run ads down the road.
But I like to get people started without paid ads and I'll show you how to do that. How to generate consistent predictable traffic into your online course without paid ads. So that's this secret relates to the traffic part of this diagram.
Secret number two, why the highest converting sales funnels are the simplest and how you can set up the highest converting one for online courses without being super techie. So that obviously is the funnel part and the, and guys, I'm going to go into details of these secrets. I'm just kind of revealing to you what the secrets are, how to set up a course that actually transforms lives.
You know, that's one of the big things that are really. Enjoy about my work today. My job as an electric engineer, I don't know if I said this, but I was an electric engineer for eight years. Many of you watching this, probably know that I didn't hate my job. You know, it's my whole life. I was going to be an engineer.
I didn't hate my job, but I didn't love it either. And the biggest reason I didn't love it, it just, cause I couldn't see the impact of my work. I felt like if I didn't go to work, if I wasn't in that position, The world, my city, you know, the people I worked with, it just wouldn't be any different. I wasn't making much of an impact in people's lives with my work, but now I get messages nearly every day, whether it's people that took my course or just saw my free videos and website and whatnot.
That are like Jacq. I never thought I've tried piano so many times. Like it just never worked for me. I was, I was at the end of it. I just thought I would never be able to learn. Then I came across your stuff and I'm playing songs. And I played a song for my wife last night, or, you know, I played a song for my kid and I can actually play piano now.
And I want to thank you for that. Um, There's no feeling like that in the world to be able to recognize and see the direct impact you're having on other people's lives. And, um, that's just amazing. And so, uh, that's an important part here. I'm going to show you how to, you can set up a course that actually transformed lives.
And it's not just some rinky dink run of the mill course. So that's obviously the course part of this. And secret number four. Oh, there's a little one to the left of secret. I have no idea why just ignore that. Uh, how to set up the number one success factor for your online course business. I'm telling you that's the, this is the number one success factor.
Most people either ignore it or implement it. Leslie, if I could boil down, like if there's one thing that's just the most important thing to your success as a course creator. Then it's that bottom part? It's students success and testimonials, are the people going through your course, finding success, they're getting results.
Are they getting the transformation in their lives that you were hoping for and are promising them? And then are they sharing that message with other people? Are they willingly providing you with testimonials, both written and video? So I'm going to show you the best way. To generate those, um, on kind of on autopilot.
We'll get into that as well. So let's get into it. So just recap, um, here's the four secrets and they tie right into that diagram. Uh, so let's get into the first secret how to generate consistent predictable traffic into your online course without paid ads. All right. So that's this part of the diagram.
Um, The number one traffic driver for successful online businesses is this. Like I said, it's one thing for me to just kind of tell my story and be like, look for my, my online piano course. The number one way I've gotten traffic is through this and therefore you should be doing it no matter what your niche is.
Well, you know, it, that doesn't matter. Always work because my one thing could work for a piano, but not work for something. But I have the benefit of having talked with hundreds of successful course creators right through my podcast. And as I do that, I noticed. Themes that, um, that occur over and over again with successful course creators, not just with piano or not just with, um, knitting or, uh, birdwatching or, you know, all the, all the different niches that you could possibly be in with your particular online course.
And so overall, no matter what niche, the number one traffic driver for successful online course businesses. Is this one platform, amazing content with a consistent schedule. Here's what I mean, David Waldman, as a guitar instructor, 12 years ago, he was teaching guitar in person and that was his only source of income and he decided he wanted to go online. And the first thing he did was not create an online course. The first thing he did was create his YouTube channel and he made a decision 11, 12 years, years ago that he was going to put out three. Videos every week on YouTube and see what happens. And eventually he, uh, he created online course as well.
Fast forward to today. He's still creating multiple videos every week. And that is his only traffic source to his online course. And he makes tens of thousands of dollars every month from his online piano course and his only traffic source is his YouTube channel. I mean, he makes 30, 40, $50,000 per month in core sales.
And his only traffic source is his YouTube channel. So the videos that he made. Eight nine, 10, 11, 12 years ago. We're still paying off to this day. I mean, that's, that's basically his job to this day is making YouTube videos. How would you like to be, you know, if you're working a full time job still and not doing your full, your online course business full time, how would you like your job to, instead of being whatever your job is now, just to be putting two, three videos out on YouTube a week, even one video per week on YouTube.
That's how powerful this stuff can be. Take, you know, take my brand, the online course guy brand. For example, the platform I chose is a podcast for this brand. And I put out consistent content and grew my audience slowly but surely. And I built an entire business entire brand around a podcast, and that's kind of like the top of the funnel.
It's the traffic going into the funnel. I picked a platform and stay consistent with free. Awesome. Hopefully awesome content. Maybe a blog is the right platform for you, Michelle, shorter gardener. Many of you may be familiar with her making sense of since.com. She started a blog and built an audience that way and built traffic that way.
And then released her online course, and it was an instant success because she had that awesome content and awesome traffic coming in. Or here's an example from one of my students. Leanne Johnson is an artist, very accomplished artist. His platform of choice was Instagram. You can see how many Instagram followers she has.
He started an Instagram channel, or is that what it's even called Instagram page? And. When it came time for releasing his online course. And you can see some of the images here, like he's painting clouds, like literally he released an online course about painting clouds. Like that's pretty specific, pretty niche, right.
He launched and sold 137 copies in the first day of his first launch. All he did was put a post on Instagram. Talking a little bit about the course and 137 people bought it in the first 24 hours because he had built up so much trust in Goodwill through this free, authentic content over the course of, you know, six months, 12 months, 18 months.
And it worked so pick a platform. Meaning like a YouTube podcast, blog, Instagram, Facebook, and stick to a consistent posting schedule. Don't just pick a platform and make five pieces of content and put it out there and be like, well, Jack said, this was going to work. It's not working. And give up, pick a schedule.
That's gonna work for you and stick with it. This is exactly what I'm seeing. That's worked for me. And for so many of the successful course creators out there, the top four online course platforms that I've found, you know, YouTube is by far the number one for most people, YouTube is going to be the best choice.
And the reason for that is. It's it's it's video based. And most of our online courses are video based as well. So that same type of person looking for solutions via YouTube video is the same. It's usually the same type of person looking for solutions via video in an online course. So a lot of my traffic, the number one traffic source I have, even though I've got tons of traffic sources at this point, because I've been running my online course business for over seven years.
It's still YouTube organic that's because somebody goes to YouTube and they type in how to play piano, how to learn piano, learn piano, learn piano fast. And I have videos ranking for all of those terms. People see a video. They liked the way I teach. They want to learn more. I've got a good call to yak, to action.
At the end of the video, they go to my website. They opt in, get into my funnel, which we're talking about in a little bit. And then they hopefully purchase the online course. So for most of you out there, I would recommend starting a YouTube channel and picking a schedule. That's going to work for you if you can crank out three videos a week.
Great. Not everybody can, if you can do two, that's fine. If you can do one amazing. If it's gotta be one every two weeks for you fine pick something that's gonna work for you. Stick with it, stick with it for like a year or two, like as long as you possibly can, because you're probably not going to get much traction right.
At burst. We just stick with it. You will. It's going to pay off David Wallimann. Didn't get many views the first six months. Well look how much it's paying off for him now. So once again, pick a platform, pick one, start with one. Obviously, I'm not, you know, D David Walden is a great story because even to this day, he's, he's just got the one traffic source.
But you know, at this point, right now, I like diversified traffic sources. I have YouTube, YouTube, organic YouTube ads, Google, you know, SEO, organic Google ads, Facebook ads. Being ads, uh, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, like I've got traffic sources coming from everywhere, but what I recommend is you pick one platform, really master that platform, be consistent on that platform.
Really get it to a point of almost automation before you move on to another platform. So this is how you get started and really think about if you already have an online course, have you done this? Are you spreading yourself too thin? Are you trying to be everywhere? And by trying to be everywhere, you're really nowhere.
Secret number two, why the highest converting sales funnels are the simplest in how you can set up the highest converting one for only courses without being super techie. By the way, guys, if you look really closely at my video here in the bottom, right? I've got my piano keyboard here. I've got my computer keyboard on top of my piano keyboard.
This is just kind of how I'm set up. I did a live stream for my piano audience just yesterday. Um, so I don't know if, when you first saw that you thought I might be teaching you a little piano, but not today. I'm teaching you on my courses today, but Hey, if you want to learn some piano, head over to piano in 21 days, dot com.
Love to have you over there as well. Secret too. It's all about the funnel part of this. Okay. So here we go. Funnel, what is a funnel? Um, many of you may not even know what a funnel is at that point, this point, and that's okay. I was there. It's kind of embarrassing how long I was in the online marketing had an only in course, um, and didn't really know what a funnel was.
Um, we'll get there. Uh, it was years into. It was years into, um, me having an online course that I discovered what a funnel was and how powerful they can be. Um, here's my official shock definition of a funnel. If you don't know what it is, here's my explanation of it. A funnel is a combination of webpages, videos, and emails, combination of webpages, videos, and emails that builds trust and rapport with your potential customer.
And leads them to a sale in a non salesy way. It sounds pretty good. Doesn't it? So here's how I discovered funnels. All right. It was an episode of the smart, passive income podcast. One of my all time. Favorite podcast, huge fan of Pat, Pat Flynn have been on, I've been on the podcast as well. Um, that's actually one of the, um, Defining moments you could say of my online business.
This is like, I've just been following him in his podcast for so long, almost not my iced coffee over. That's how I was excited. I am about this and to be, yeah, to come on that show and share my story about that piano in 21 days after all these years, um, Really, really cool. Anyway, it was the year was, uh, I believe it was 2016.
Um, I was making about a thousand dollars a month from piano in 21 days. Um, and I. I had quit my job and it was kind of a catch 22 for me when I quit my job. Um, because I knew I needed to spend time on the business in order to grow it, but I didn't have the time cause I had a full time job. So we, we, we, you know, we.
Built up some savings. And we got to a point where I could quit and focus and when we could, it could, it could not work for a year and then I'd have to go back to work. So, I mean, it's 2016, I'm making about a thousand dollars a month. How can I, how can I, how can I yeah. Grow this thing? You know, I was getting, um, I was getting great feedback from the course.
Those that would go through it. Uh, we're we're we're successful. I was getting testimonials. I had a great YouTube channel, so I was getting traffic. Um, but I really didn't even know what a funnel was. And at this point, if you went to piano in 21 days.com, it was basically a sales page. There was a very bad sales page with a, with a very bad video.
And just a little bit of information, mostly talking about features, not benefits, a buy now button. So I really didn't have a funnel and it was episode. Of the smart, passive income podcast, one 36, David Siteman, Garland came on and he literally walked everybody through exactly how his online course funnel was set up.
Exactly. So all I did and this was blowing my mind, I was like, wow, I can really see how this could work. So all I did was listen to that episode, like three or four times, and I implemented a funnel. Exactly. Like David Simon Garland was talking about on that podcast episode. And it really works. I'm telling you guys with the same traffic in the same course by implementing an evergreen funnel into my online course business, I went from a thousand dollars a month to $10,000.
Pretty much overnight. It's amazing. Same traffic, same course. Add in the funnel. My business, 10 exed. Amazing. So this is kind of what the funnel was that that David Simon Garland recommended on that podcast episode. And it's basically like a product launch formula funnel, like an evergreen version, evergreen, meaning it's a, it's not a onetime launch.
Like people can go through this funnel at any point. And so on day one, somebody ops into your funnels, you offer something of value for free in exchange for an email address. Cause then from then on, we're going to communicate via email. Remember a funnel is just combination of webpages, emails, and videos.
So they opt in for something on a page. And then like day two, day three, you send them an email that has a link to a page that then has a video on it. See how I tied in all three just now. And that's called value video. Number one. And in that video, you pick something that they, that, that people really struggle with in your particular niche and show how you can help them break through it.
Right? So that's, that's what you do in a value video. You present a problem. You agitate that problem, and then you help them solve that problem. It's a classic marketing, a thing called PAs problem agitate solve. And that's the framework for each of these value videos you see here. So you email out a value video and then a couple days after that on day five, You email out another value video.
And then the, the day after that you look for a little engagement. It's called the feedback email. My particular feedback email that I'm using even to this day says what the subject is, what has limited you in learning piano. And the body is just talking about how there's all kinds of reasons that you don't know how to play piano today.
Um, but I would love to hear back from you what that reason is for you. And I'm asking people to reply. And what that does is continues to build that trust and rapport because either me or somebody on my team will, if they reply, we'll reply back to them. And it just opens that line of communication builds that trust and rapport even more.
And also gives me good insight into what, you know, what my customers are struggling with. And then on the day after that, we send out another value video three, and by the way, each video teases to the next one. So in day three, they get value video one at the end of video, one, you say, and by the way, in a couple of days, I'm going to be sending you video two.
We're going to be talking about this. And then at the end of video, two, you say you T's to video three. And then at the end in the video three. You say, guys, I've really been enjoying sharing this training with you guys. If you want to take this further, if you want to take this all the way with me, I've got my new program.
That's about to come out. That takes you from here to here. All the details about it will be in your inbox tomorrow or the next day or whatever it is. So then you send on day eight, uh, an, an email, teasing it some more, just telling them that enrollment will be open tomorrow. And then you have a five day open cart and close cart period.
So for five days, your courses then available. And so on that first day, people are really excited. It's finally available. Boom. You get a lot of sales. And then you'll get some sales during the week. You said one email every day during the five day open cart period. But on the last day you send two emails.
Cause that is the number one sales day is the last day because of the scarcity and you close it. And that is exactly how I had set up the evergreen funnel and it immediately got me incredible results. And that's for the first time, once I implemented this, then I had. Traffic. I had a good funnel. I had a good course.
I had some student success and testimonials that's when my course really started to take off when I had all those pieces in place and I started making $10,000 a month. Once I made 10,000, the next month I made like 15 and 20. I remember January, 2017, I made $22,000 in revenue. And I remember looking at my wife.
I was like, babe. It's working. It works like it works, you know, keep in mind, I've been working on this at that point for like four years. That's how long it took me to get mine to work. Hopefully you can get yours to work in far less time. But like I said, I had no idea what I was doing. Um, but eventually I figured it out God results better and better and better.
Like I said, January, 2017 brought in $22,000 in revenue. Have not gone below that in a single month since then. It's pretty incredible. But there are flaws with this particular funnel and I have tweaked it throughout the years. Here's the biggest flaw. So I just put a box around day one through eight in this particular funnel.
What's the problem here. The problem is that you can't actually buy during these days. So some people need to be really warmed up and have all these videos and this and that, and then go through this whole process. But there's a small percentage of people that are more ready to buy now or sooner.
There's going to be a very small percentage of people that are going to be ready on day one to buy. And then some people would be ready on day three or day five or day seven. And don't want to wait until day nine. Well, what can we do about that? What can we do about that? What you do there is you pitch an evergreen webinar on day one through eight as well.
So that's how my funnel is set up today. I've left. I left pretty much everything else alone that I had set up back in 2016, even to this day, all those same components are there, except I've just kind of added to it. And I've added in some, some pitches for an evergreen webinar in strategic places throughout the first week of the funnel.
So that those people that are ready to buy now can do so. So by doing it this way, I have a funnel that now appeals to pretty much everybody and everybody's buying habits and everybody's needs. And in my opinion, this is really the ultimate online course funnel. Now. But some of you may be thinking that it's starting to look complicated.
Jack. I thought you were going to tell us how to set up a simple funnel. We're here. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. Pay close attention to me here. Right? Right now a lot of people. Over-complicate the funnel part by trying to treat everybody differently. Well, if they don't open this email, then we're going to do that.
Well, if they watch this video, but they don't, they don't get past the 10 minute Mark, then I'm going to put them in this bucket and we're going to treat them this way. But if they get past the 10 minute Mark, but not pass the 25 minute Mark, then we're going to do this. We're going to send them this email and that, and they try to overcomplicate it by treating everybody differently, putting everybody in different buckets.
But what if instead, we just had one path and along that path, we accommodated for everybody and everybody's individual nature, buying habits needs and all that. And that's exactly what I've set up. So if somebody wants to buy immediately, they now have that opportunity. But if somebody doesn't necessarily want to buy immediately, that type of person may not even be able to realize that they could buy immediately.
And so by treating everybody the same way, walking them down, the exact same path, you simplify things, but you also maximize your sales throughout the whole process.
So that's how powerful funnels can be. And specifically. You know how I got into funnels, how it affected my business and where I've taken it since then. And it's just really powerful. It's really powerful. Um, moving on to secret three, how to set up a course that actually transforms lives. So remember we had traffic, we had funnel.
Now we're talking a little bit about the course and to do that, if we're going to create a course that actually transforms lives. Then you need to focus on one word and that one word is, is it was within what I've already said. Transform lives. We've got to focus on transformation, focus on transformation.
When you're thinking about your course, outline your course curriculum, how you're going to best help people always think about transformation. Here's what I mean. Here's your ideal customer. Think about what they look like, what they feel like, what their emotions are, what they're struggling with, think about what position they are in before meeting you.
And before going through your course, literally write them all out and then do the same thing for what you want them to look like. Feel like do after having gone through your course, what does that look like for them in their life? How does that affect their, their relationships, their health, their wealth.
Really think about that person. That's starting your course and that's finishing your course and how different are they? And once you really get a very clear picture about that, then you can put the steps down to take that person from the beginning to the end, to, to fulfill that transformation. You see what I got wrong with the first version of my course.
Is, I didn't think about it this way. I thought about what are the steps that would be helpful for me, who's been playing piano for years and years and years. I was thinking about my course, my curriculum, my outline from the perspective of somebody that had been playing piano for 20 years, not from the perspective of somebody that was a complete beginner.
And so my first version of my course, wasn't that great, to be honest with you, but I've, since we recorded at five times, because I get better and better, better at this and visualizing who's my ideal customer and what are they struggling with? What do they look like going into the course? What do I want them to sound like?
Feel like at the end of the course and what are the exact a to Z step-by-step steps that I can help them to learn to get there?
So, if you're struggling with this in any way, if your students are struggling within, in your course in any way, just think about that transformation and it's going to help you develop a much, much better course and curriculum secret. Number four, how to set up your number one success factor for online course businesses.
Which most people either ignore or implement very easily. So when I showed you this, this diagram, it was probably very clear that you've got your traffic. You've got your funnel and you've got your course. In fact, most businesses were like that. Just replace the word course with product or service. Right.
If you've got a business of any sort, then you've got to have traffic, you've got to have some sort of funnel and you've got to have the offering, right. But a lot of times people neglect this last part, which is student success and testimonials, which is probably the most important part of all of this.
But John, how do I, how do I ensure success with my course? How do I actually get people to leave me testimonials? Well, the biggest thing is you've got to ask, don't be scared to ask. That's really important if you're, if you have a transformational course, And you actually care about your students and you want to see them succeed.
Then they're going to be happy to provide you with reviews and testimonials. Now, if you, if you have that good of a course, a lot of them will come without you even having to ask, but most will come from you actually asking, well, how do you do that? Here's how I do it. On day 30. So this is automatic after somebody signs up 30 days later, they'll get this email, Hey, first name in this case, Ben, it's been about a month since you signed up.
And I wanted to check in to see how it's going and hopefully you can see that, um, Being very personal here, letting my personality come through, not being too rigid or anything. Have you not even logged in yet? Did you log in a couple of times, but so far life has just gotten in the way. Have you made some progress, but gotten hung up on certain topic?
Have you made it through the course, hired an agent now touring with the Dell. Whatever it is. Let me know shock almost everybody that gets this email reply. Right? So whether they haven't logged in or they're stuck on day six or they've completed the course, right? Almost everybody comments, something about Adele, whether they are touring with a Dell or not.
Right. They just love to see that. And they think it's funny. But this does so many things. This is just a generic email. You notice, I didn't even ask for like a testimony or anything. This gives me an idea of how they've done in 30 days. So then either me or somebody on my team can reply to them and give them encouragement, give them feedback, give them help.
Or if it's, if it's a very positive response to this and be like, Hey, would you mind, you know, would you mind if I, first of all ask, would you mind if I share this on social media and whatnot, so I can just take a screenshot of their response and use that, or for certain people I can ask for a video testimony, would you mind, would you mind putting these thoughts together in a video and actually playing your piano?
Cause there there's no harm in asking. Right? A lot of people say no. And the biggest reason people say no is because they're scared to be on camera,
but that's, that may be just my particular niche. Right. People are maybe scared to be on camera and play their piano and so on. But I get plenty that come through that are okay with it. And I can't tell you how many. People buy my course and say that the number one thing that put them over the edge that made them want to pull out their credit card and pay me money.
Somebody they've never actually met in real life for online candle lessons is because of all the testimonials and success stories that there are about piano in 21 days. At this point I've got over 500 reviews, both written and video, and I think that's incredibly important for the success of my business.
And then on day 90, it gets a little more official. So, Hey, first name in this case, Patsy, I've been, uh, it's been around three months since you signed up for piano in 21 days, swollen to reach out and get a little feedback about your experience. This is a short survey that will take less than two minutes and will help me serve you even better.
Click here to take the survey. Thanks so much, jock. So that's where we get a little more specific. They click the survey. I personally use type form. You could use Google forms or, uh, there's all kinds of form software you could use. But I asked very specific questions in that. Uh, like would you recommend this program to your friends and family?
Um, things like, uh, what could we be doing better? Uh, what did you really like about the course, but then not also ask for, would you be willing to submit a written review for the course? Yes or no. Would you be willing to submit a video review for the course? Yes or no. Do you want to learn more about how you could earn a 40% commission on recommending piano in 21 days?
Other people AK the affiliate program, right? Yes or no. So it's a really good touch base point with my students on day 90 to ask them some of these questions. And then if they say yes to any of them, then we send followups and this generates a lot of testimonials as well. So we're generating testimonials via the 30 day email and the 90 day email.
And any time somebody emails in with, with a positive experience about the course, even if it's not in response to one of these, me and my team is trained to, to ask for testimonials, be like, that's amazing. I'm so glad you such got such great results. Any interest in sharing this in a, in a testimonial you've got to ask.
And so once again, here are the four synergistic secrets traffic flows in the funnel flows in the course, which flows into student success and testimonials, which flows back into your funnel and your traffic. You sales simple. This really is at the end of the day. Hopefully if you're a beginner, you're new to this stuff, you've oped.
I've been able to help you open your eyes to the possibility that you can actually do this. Or if you've already got an online course business, you can diagnose and see where your weak points are and start working on that first. Maybe your traffic is dialed in because you did start a platform and you've been consistent with it.
And you've got an awesome course, but you really need help with that funnel. Focus on that for the next 30 days. Just focus on your funnel. If that's where you've diagnosed, your problem. Or if you have a good traffic and you've got a good funnel and you have a good course, but you've been lacking on the testimonials dial in the system, kind of like I have to automatically get testimonials on the reg as the kids say,
I hope you've enjoyed this. If you want to keep working with me, I'm going to share with you, um, how we can work together and actually work together for free. And to be honest with you guys, like I've got two very distinct brands and businesses, right? I've got piano in 21 days, which the main source of revenue for piano and 21 days is core sales, of course sales main source of revenue, um, which that's, what's brought in over one point.
So I've had a couple this year alone. I've had a couple of six figure months with just piano course sales. But this side, the online course show, which you see right here, the online course guy I've built this brand completely off of affiliate income. And the reason that works is because I put so much content out there for free.
I really build trust with you guys. You know, you watching this right now. Hopefully I've built up some trust with you and with online courses and only in business, there are software and tools. That you just need, you can't do it without some of these tools. And so if I can provide you free information and recommendation on some of these tools, and then you, you sign up for some of these tools through me, then that is actually enough to support this whole business.
It's pretty amazing. So if you're a beginner and you want to work with me, and then what I have for you is called the online course accelerator. This is for beginners or those that basically have not made a single online course sale. This takes you from nothing to your first online course sale. In around eight weeks or so, sometimes less, sometimes a little more.
And to sign up for this program, all you have to do is you need to buy a $7 and 99 cent book and that's $7 and 99 cents doesn't even go to me. So it's the book is called expert secrets. It's my top recommended. Book for course graders. In fact, that's the book that I've got on Spire right there, but a few books here, but the one most on display is expert secrets.
Boom. There's my copy. Expert secrets. In fact, I've got multiple copies, but this one, this is my original. It's got so many highlights and notes and it's, it's in very bad condition because of how many times I've gone through this book. This book might as well be called.
How to succeed with online courses. I mean, that's, it's all about online courses. The reason it's called expert secrets is he's basically saying you an expert in something you've got something in your head that you're an expert on. I'm going to show you how to package up that expertise and sell it in a digital project product AK on online course.
So as I'm teaching you how to. Go from beginner to actually having an online course and making at least a sale with an online course. This is kind of like the, the, um, textbook that I use in throughout the online course accelerator. So there's, it's a, it's a, it's a, it's an online course. There's a lot of video lessons.
And so on with you walking me, walking you through this process, but a lot of times I'll reference back to this book. So you kind of go through this program and this book at the same time. So that's one of the reasons I asked you to buy this book ahead of time, but it also sets up that affiliate relationship too, because you buy the book for seven 99 and I get a dollar of that.
Okay, great. Well, there's some upsells through that. You might want to take advantage of like the audio. I would get a small percentage of that as well. But then within the course, within the online course accelerator, I offer my recommendations on where you could host your course, you know, web pages, videos, all kinds of different services.
And if you're going to sign up for those, as you build your online course business, hopefully by giving you a course, essentially for free, you then sign up for those services through my link. And this is I've been, I've been offering this for several months now, and this has worked out really well. And it's just a great win-win.
So if you, if that's you and you want to sign up for the online course accelerator, there's a button to do that below this video. Or you can go back to the homepage on the online course guide.com, go to programs at the top and click on online course accelerator. Once again, this is for beginners. I got a different program for those of you that have a course already.
Let me go ahead and put my book back on the shelf and let's get into it. Okay.
Oh, by the way, a couple testimonials. Hey, they're really important, Matt. Santuary just want to say thank you so much for offering your training for free. You've really helped me pull it all together for me. I went through your course and revamped my whole funnel. I've done it. $1,200 in sales in the last three days.
Rebecca Fortner. Hi, I'm Rebecca creator, Parkinson seven steps. So she helps people with Parkinson's where I sell an online course. Oh, well she says what she does here. I sell an online course to help people slow the progression of Parkinson's after recently, completing Jock's course, I'm excited to report that I sold my first online course.
Thanks so much for your help, jock. Well, thanks to her Becca. Um, most of you watching this, probably all of you watching this have something. That you can help somebody else with, like Rebecca had this knowledge about how she could help people slow the progression of Parkinson's and now, because she has a successful online course.
And by the way, since, since this she's sold many more copies, um, she's able to directly impact other people and share her gift with the world. And without an online course, I wouldn't have been able to share my gift of simple approach with a piano. So if you've got something, um, That can genuinely help people.
Then I have encouraged you to create an online course around that topic and do it the right way. And especially if you're on a budget, then it might be a good fit to sign up for an online course training that doesn't cost very much. In fact, you're not going to pay directly for it. You just have to sign up and buy expert secrets, which we're using anyway.
It's an incredibly valuable, um, resource for online courses. All right. For those of you that already have a course. What's up. That's awesome. And you want to take it to the next level. You want to scale. You want to automate, you want to outsource, you want to let it serve you instead of you having to labor over it.
Whatever you want to make more sales, you want to have a better funnel. You want to have better course. You want a better traffic. You want a better testimonials. Then let me introduce you to next level courses. Next level courses is so cool. What is it? Well, it's a masterclasses where we take a deep dive into different subjects.
So we have the ultimate evergreen webinar, uh, set up and that actually I'm going to have to get with my designer. This should say ultimate evergreen funnel setup. That's why there's a little funnel at the top. Right? So remember earlier when I walked you through my exact funnel with kind of the product launch formula, plus the webinar, like, I don't know anybody else really doing it quite like I'm doing it, but I've helped several different businesses implement it.
Exactly growth cycle.com. They teach people to grow mushrooms, uh, rent to rent, success.com. They teach people how to, um, There's several people. Uh, my recorder stopped for some reason, but I just restarted. I think we're good. Hopefully this is a small lesson in that you don't have to have everything absolutely perfect to find success.
Like I was saying, This is supposed to say ultimate evergreen fund set up. Um, that's the masterclass. Um, yeah, you'll be getting as a part of the next level courses. Uh, also it looked like my hard drive was starting to fill up, so my recording was glitching a little bit, but it looks like we're back in business with this presentation.
Um, so you'll be getting the ultimate evergreen funnel. A masterclass relaunch magic masterclass. So one question I get all the time that I now have, um, that I can now very much help you with is jock. Once I, once I launch or, or, or once somebody goes through my evergreen funnel and they don't buy, and they're just sitting there on my email list, what do I do with them next?
Well, I have a very, very dialed in system to relaunch every month to a certain portion of our list where. Our old email subscribers are helping us get consistent month over month income into our online course. That's called relaunch magic. You'll also get the live in evergreen webinar. Here's where webinar is correct masterclass.
So if you're curious, curious about live webinars or evergreen webinars, I've done both very, very successfully. I will help you with all the logistical parts, all the emails and all the software setup and all that, but also the content of your webinars as well. That is all in this masterclass. And testimonial gold testimonial, gold masterclass walks you through in detail my process for collecting those testimonials.
So I, I kind of touched the surface with my process. I go into great detail on that process in this masterclass show you the survey and also how you communicate with the student when they ask, what should I say? What should I do? What are you looking for? And so on. So that's how to best rack up testimonials.
So. In next level courses, you're going to get these four master classes, the ultimate evergreen funnel setup, relaunch magic live and evergreen webinar masterclass and testimonial gold masterclass for total value of $3,988. You're also going to get all of my ClickFunnels templates. So these are all the templates that I use.
To this day within my online piano course business. So you'll get my membership type site template. Um, and, and maybe you're gonna, at the end of the day, you don't, you don't click phones. I use for mine, my course, or my order forms, um, for my funnels, for my pages, like so much I use ClickFunnels for, because it's amazing.
Um, but you could also use some of these templates and just kind of look at them and then copy too, if you're using some other software. Um, that's cool. These could still be valuable. Um, all of my sales funnel templates that I use for piano in 21 days, even a full website piano in 21 days, the whole website was on ClickFunnels for a couple of years.
It's not anymore at outgrew that, but if you're just getting started or you're more at the beginning stages, then this could be. Oh, good for you. You could start a ClickFunnels account and then have a full website up and running very, very quickly because of this template that I would give you for free.
And then all my order form templates as well. Um, and I'm also going to give you all of my email templates, which I personally use active campaign for email. I absolutely love active campaign for email. Um, but this is like texts template. So you could import that into any email autoresponder. So all of the emails that go out with my evergreen webinar and my relaunches, you'll get all those templates.
As well. So, uh, as a member of next level courses, you'll get the four master classes, plus all my ClickFunnels templates, plus all of my email templates. So we're looking at a total value of over $6,000 now, um, you also get my contractor Rolodex. So this is actually one of the things that I've been most known for.
Um, is just outsourcing and finding great people. So at this point in time, I don't actually have any actual employees, but I have so many amazing contractors all over the world, um, that are very, very specialized and it it's just, I kick myself. One of the things I would have done differently if I started over was I would have outsourced much sooner for the longest time.
I did all the video editing. I did all of the auto editing. I did all the graphic design. I did all the website stuff. I did everything myself and my business has been much, much better once I started outsourcing because there's so many people that can do it. Much better and much cheaper too. My time is better spent elsewhere.
And so I've collected all of these amazing contacts for, for graphic design, for video editing, for SEO, for ads, like all, all kinds of stuff. And as a member of next level courses, you'll get access to all those contexts as well. So you don't have to do the vetting, you know, that there's Zac approved. So there's the list with the contractor Rolodex.
You're also going to get weekly group Q and a call. So if you want direct access to me, you want to ask me questions specific to you. Then we are going to be jumping on calls as a group. Everybody in next level courses will jump on weekly calls, um, and that will just be a Q and a session. Monthly masterclass sessions voted by you.
So there's first four master classes on the list. Those will be conducted live here very, very soon. I'll be teaching you on a live video. Call those. Topics, but that's not going to stop after those four. We're going to do that every month. We're gonna pick a topic, I'll have a list of topics and you guys can have submissions as well.
Well, and every month you'll vote on what topic we want to go over as a group. And I'll share with you. Every last detail. I know about that particular topic. And then we've got our masterclass saved in the course portal for you. So we have weekly group calls and then on a monthly basis, I won't just be answering your question.
I'll be actually teaching specifics on a topic related about online courses. And then of course, everybody will be together in a Facebook community, all for a total value of. Six thousand sixteen thousand seven hundred seventy six dollars. But I told you we're getting free. Right? It's funny how that free is like right on top of my video down here, but that's okay.
So how am I able to give all this away for free? Well, it's, you know, there is a small catch because you have to do something just like with online course accelerator, you had to sign up for experts, secrets to get into next level courses. He signed up for click funnels. Some of you may have seen that coming because I am a huge click funnels fan boy that's cause it does so much so well, they've treated me very, very well through the years.
I'm a big fan and highly recommend it to other course creators. If you've listened to my podcast, you've listened to me. Talk about online courses. You know, I am a huge fan of ClickFunnels, so why not make this just an incredible win-win there's the click funnels logo. Um, So why, why would I be doing this?
Why would I be giving away so much of me and my resources and my time away just for signing up for some software? Well, a few things, ideally, everybody in next level courses would be a click funnels user. And, and if you have no interest to be in ClickFunnels user, or you're already somewhere else, it's okay.
This could still be for you. I'm going to explain that in a second. But ideally, you know, almost everybody's going to be a click funnels user and that's like, almost everybody speaking the same language. Right. So if I let's say next year, I come up with this new fancy, amazing funnel. That's even better than the one I have now.
Well, then we can just import that into every next level courses, users, click yeah. Was account and you guys can be using it. And if you're not on ClickFunnels, then you can build it out yourself, copying what we did, but it's not as easy as just importing it into your account. Right. And when we're talking about the different aspects of ClickFunnels, we'll all be speaking the same language.
So most people, everybody in next level courses so far. Uses ClickFunnels. Actually, I take that back. There was one person that's not using ClickFunnels and they still find great value in it. But ideally you would. And that's one reason I'm asking you to sign up for click funnels through my affiliate link in order to get access to next level courses and just a phenomenal win-win it's a phenomenal win-win.
There are so many online course programs, trainings, masterminds. I mean, that's really what this is, is a mastermind that cost. $2,000, a minimum 5,000, 10,000, 25,000. I've even seen a hundred thousand dollar programs, but for this, hopefully it's a software you're going to sign up for anyway, and then you get access to it.
And then it costs $97, by the way. So you sign up for a free trial of ClickFunnels below this video is my link, click on it, sign up for it, free trial of ClickFunnels. And then, then you get access to the next level courses. Um, but hopefully you stick around and then you start getting charged $97 a month.
Most of you, there, there is a plan where you can charge, you can pay two 97 a month. Most of you won't need that. So I recommend the $97 a month plan. And to be completely honest with you guys, if you sign up through my link, I get $40 a month from that. Um, so I, I get financially rewarded. That way, and hopefully there's a software you were going to use anyway.
So to me, it's just like the ultimate one win and because click one was, is awesome. So what if you, uh, what if, if you're thinking, what if I don't want to sign up for ClickFunnels? Okay. Here's um, Here's what you can do if you don't want to sign up for click funnels, but you still want access to next level courses.
You want to be a part of this group. It's basically like my inner circle. Like everything that I know about, um, about online courses will be within next level courses. This is it. This is how you get full access to me. Um, is, uh, you can also, if you just don't want to sign up for ClickFunnels, you're on something else.
You don't want to change this and that then. You can join next level courses for $67 a month, and you can just pay that to me directly. I wanted to make that option available for those that just don't want to sign up for click funnels. That is fine. There's going to be a third link below this video to where you can just sign up for next level courses and base $67 a month coming in.
Cancel any time. And that's the way it's going to work, or maybe you're on like a Kajabi or teachable or Thinkific and so on. And that's where your course is. And you're like, well, Jack, I've already got this. I don't want to move my course. Therefore, I'm not going to sign up for ClickFunnels. Well, wait, what ClickFunnels actually does best is the funnels.
It's just a bonus that you can host your course in ClickFunnels, but what it does best is the funnels. Teachable Thinkific Kajabi, those online course softwares. They do online courses the best, but they're not very good with funnels. So I know plenty of very successful course creators that have their courses in one of those other platforms, but still, still use ClickFunnels for the funnels.
So that could be a good fit for you as well. This may be a good excuse, maybe something to put you over the edge to go ahead and sign up for click funnels and start using it for the funnels. What if I already have a ClickFunnels account? Well, many of you watching this, maybe have an account already. I've got a couple of options for you.
You can pay the $67 a month to get into next level of courses, which is a fine option. That's fine. If that's the route you want to go. Or you can sign up for click funnels using my link and then just save all your existing funnels as a template and import them over to your new one. Count several people have done this because they wanted all of my templates.
And it's been just fine. And so that is a, that is an option as well, as you can create a new ClickFunnels account and move all your stuff over and cancel your old ClickFunnels account, or you can sign up and pay $67 a month. What if I've already signed up for ClickFunnels through you? Shock will. If that's you that you are already a next level courses member, um, I am reaching out to everybody that has signed up for ClickFunnels through my link, which is a lot of people.
And every one of you gets access. But if you didn't get my email or I missed you, or you think you signed up through me or whatever, just reach out to me, send me an email, let me know. Hey Jack, I watched your presentation and I'm pretty sure. Um, I've already signed up for click funnels under you. How can I get access?
Reach out to me that way and. Here we go with, how long will I have access to next level courses? You will have access to next level show. So basically I'm telling you guys, there's two ways to get in. You can either sign up for click funnels through my affiliate link, or you can pay $67 a month either way.
There's a monthly expense, right? You pay $97 a month to click funnels or you're paying $67 a month. To me, if you ever stopped that you've got you stop your access to next level courses. This is a monthly membership program. And so if you sign up for click funnels, uh, let's say you sign up for the free trial and then you cancel before the free trial expires.
Then, then we'll drop you from next level courses automatically. Or you sign up for click funnels, you pay for a couple of months, and then the third month you decide it's not for you. You cancel ClickFunnels. Then you're canceling next level courses as well. And by the way, the way this works is, um, when you sign up for ClickFunnels, I don't get any sort of automatic notification that you signed up through.
My link, what we do is each day, every morning, we go in and generate a report to see who signed up, or who's still signed up and so on. And so the way this works is if you sign up for ClickFunnels through my link and you want access to next level courses, then you just have to wait sometime within the next 24 hours, you will get an, a.
I think an email from my assistant with your access to next level courses. And if it's been longer than 24 hours, then reach out. Cause there's a problem.
When does the new program begin?
This is not going to be free like this forever, uh, by any means, this is basically I'm relaunching next level courses. It was a $5,800 program, and many people went through it and every single person that went through next level courses before found amazing success. Including Stephanie Taylor, which I'll show you a review from her in a minute.
So I've charged $5,800 for this program. Um, which I'm, I feel is a value of $16,000. And I'm allowing you guys to get in for basically free in a lot of cases. Um, and so we're officially starting on August 1st. Um, the group coaching calls. And some of the information I'm putting out there starts immediately.
That is going to start immediately the Facebook group that the Facebook group already exists because, um, next level courses technically has been around for awhile, but it's, I'm just kind of revamping it, adding even more value into this. Excuse me. But we'll start with the first masterclass in August. Um, and some of that content, uh, so some, some starts in August and some starts right now.
Um, but probably by the time we actually start, it's not going to be free anymore. So this is kind of like an early bird special is what I'm doing right here. Um, Stephanie Taylor went through next level courses. She did pay the $5,800. She said, I really was very anxious about spending that it felt like such a big investment that was back in March of this year.
And so much has changed for us since then. I honestly can't believe it. Sometimes I'm so grateful. We took the plunge with you jock. We did our first proper launch of our course and made over 30 pounds. She's over in Wales, uh, with our tiny email list, YouTube channel and Facebook group, your help create an evergreen funnel, which we never had been able to do on our own.
This is just so crazy. We switched it on at the beginning of July this year, and without launching without lives, without crazy launch hustle, people bought the course. It was the best feeling in the world. And now as well as the joy of teaching and helping people change their lives. We also have a great business without ads and organic reach.
We have made 10,000 pounds each month. We just started Facebook ads and want to build up from here. Thanks doc, for your inspiration as possible and your coaching, show us how to do it. So grateful. We took the punch. Stephanie is definitely one of my success stories. And I've already explained to you guys how important testimonials are.
So I couldn't do this presentation without sharing some testimonials from people that I've worked with. Uh, I'm not just some random guy. Who's. Who is, um, just starting an online course consulting business. I'm somebody that's had an online course for years and years and years. And I've actually been coaching people in online courses, uh, for over three years as well.
And so if you are interested in getting to online courses or you have a course and you need somebody to help you take it to the next level, then Hey, hi, I'm jock. Uh, and I would love to have you in one of my programs, depending on what's the best fit. For you. So I sincerely appreciate your time and attention.
I hope you've gotten something out of this, whether you sign up for something that I have to offer or not, I really hope that you've gotten something out of this. And I hope that something at the end of the day is simplicity because I really, really don't like it when people overcomplicate things. But now the choice is yours.
And if I can just do a really quick recap, there's, there's basically three options you have at this point. If you're a beginner, then you've got. Online course accelerator. You buy a seven 99 book. That's amazing. Probably the best book I've ever read. Um, I think if you're outside of the United States, it's maybe $12 or something like that.
It's a little bit more. And, um, and by the way, the same process works for the only course accelerator within 24 hours, you'll get an email from my assistant, with your login credentials for the online course accelerator. So hopefully you don't email me. Shaka just bought the book. How do I get access? The second option is signing up for next level courses.
By signing up for click funnels, the link for ClickFunnels is below this video as well. You can click that sign up for a free trial. So you're basically getting a free trial of next level courses too, because there's a 14 day free trial of click funnels. And then within 24 hours, you'll get access to next level courses.
And you can just try out next level courses for 14 days. See what the Facebook group is about. You'll be able to attend one or two of the, a weekly group calls. So that is a, you've got nothing to lose with there. Or if you don't want to sign up for click funnels, but you do want access to next level courses.
The third option is to pay $67 per month for access to that. So the choice is yours. That's how I can help you. I sincerely appreciate you being here and hope you've got something out of this. Thanks everyone. Signing out for now click one of the buttons below, and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.
All right guys, podcast, jock, back here with you, and I hope you enjoyed that presentation. Appreciate you sticking around. And I hope you got a lot out of that. Like I said, in the introduction, both from the content perspective, but also to see. How I structure some of my webinars as well, just to kind of recap some of the calls to action.
Cause I know, you know, presentation wasn't really made for just audio. There were some diagrams and things in there that you could necessarily see. You can definitely check out the webinar by going to the online course guide.com. You'll be able to find it there. And if you are convinced that one of these programs that I have for you, that I mentioned in the webinar is for you then head over to the online course guide.com.
And if you're a beginner. Click on online course accelerator, and that's going to be for you and you just have to sign up for the expert secrets book. Then you'll get access within about 24 hours. It's a manual process for us, or if you have a course already and you think next level courses might be for you, then also go to the online course guide.com but click on next level courses.
And you'll see those two ways. To go ahead and enter in. And we're officially getting started with next level courses in about a week or so in August. And it's going to be so, so, so much fun. We've already kind of started with it. Everybody's kind of gotten to know each other a little bit, but I'm still welcoming new people in that.
And then we're officially getting started. In August. So depending on what boat you're in, I've got a different program for them. You once again, welcome all of the new listeners. And of course, all the people that have been listening for a while now in the online course show you have been around since 2017.
Now I appreciate you being here as well. So that's going to do it for this five week segment of running an online course business from the road. Thanks again, everyone. And next time I'll come at you back from my home studio back in the Louisiana for hopefully a little more professional episodes. We'll see you then.
Thanks everyone.