At long last I’m back with my co-host, Dr. David Krohse. On today’s episode we’re talking all things road trip plus discussing why I recently had to take a step back and reassess my goals for The Online Course Guy and this podcast. We also got into our top podcast and audiobook recommendations… and David’s favorite song to mop to. 😉

” Trips like these are why I wanted to create this kind of online business.”

– Jacques Hopkins

We enjoyed catching up and filling each other in on what’s been going on over the last several weeks. Buckle up, and whatever you do, don’t rent a Ford F 150 for a long road trip!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:32) Getting back into the swing of things after traveling
    • (1:55) Highs and lows from the road
    • (9:07) The freedom of having an online business
    • (9:50) Favorite roadtrip stops for my family and David’s stops
    • (13:20) A funny story from David and our thoughts on gamification
    • (17:24) Podcast and audiobook recommendations
    • (23:25) Driving, posture, and theme songs
    • (26:26) Reassessing my goals and my brands
    • (29:47) Introducing David’s story to new listeners
    • (32.25) Recent interviews I’ve done and why I’m excited about them
    • (35:15) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Guy.

143: Road Trip Recap and The Online Course Guy CANCELLED?
Jacques Hopkins: [00:00:33] And off we go. Welcome aboard. Glad you're with us. I'm Jacques Hopkins. And finally here with me again is our co-hosts. How's it going? Dr. K,
Dr. Krohse: [00:00:41] I'm doing fantastic. How are you doing over there?
Jacques Hopkins: [00:00:43] I'm good, man. It's good to see you. It's good to be home. We haven't caught up in many weeks. And for those that have been following along the podcast, I've been on a nice little road trip, but finally back home, getting back into it and getting back into a normal work routine back here at home, uh, I'm just kind of reinvigorated and excited to catch up with you.
Well, David, for sure. So a couple of things to do with this episode, you're like, we're not getting back to the interviews. Not yet, probably next week. We'll have a, of course creator back on where we'll have a conversation with them, but I just kind of want to do a little recap of running the online course business from the road.
And wanted to, after that tell a little story and you don't know everything right. About this either about how I almost just quit the online course guy, the online course show. So I want to talk about that a little bit from a couple of months ago as well. So let's talk about the trip a little bit. What do you think were you following along.
Dr. Krohse: [00:01:36] I was following along and yeah, I mean, uh, I enjoyed what you shared, but I think that there's some stories that we haven't heard yet. So I'm excited. Uh, you know, I made a little list of things that I wanted to ask you. And then, uh, yeah, I just got back from a little vacation too. So I was reflecting on our trip and, and had some fun, little, uh, Anecdotes and stories to share.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:01:55] Okay. Where do you want to start, man.
Dr. Krohse: [00:01:57] Dude, jumping into the funniest or crazy thing or things that happened. I mean, I know that with you being gone for five weeks, like there had to be some stories there.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:02:07] Okay. So there's one story that I had, I haven't told on the podcast yet. It's a little embarrassing, but it's nothing to be too ashamed of.
I don't think. And seasoned our veers and seasoned campers will probably mock me and you know what? I'm okay with that. Cause that's not me. So here's the RV story. So we rented an RV. RV is very generous, right? It's a truck camper. It's literally a Ford F-150 with the camper that's like in the truck bed.
So it's nothing huge. And we needed something like that because of car seats, we needed something that was a vehicle plus a camper. But with as little experience that I had with something like this, I didn't necessarily want to pull behind if I could avoid it. So this looked like the perfect combination of everything.
And so we had to drive all the way to Las Vegas to rent this thing. So it took like three, four days. To get to Las Vegas, but it's okay. Like we made that part of the trip. We stopped at some cool places, Waco, Texas, where a chip and Joanna Gaines whole thing is we stopped in Albuquerque and Fort worth and Williams Arizona on the way there.
So we, we rented a Tahoe, a Chevy Tahoe is really nice, like 2020, all the features from Baton Rouge drove to Las Vegas. Uh, we get to the place to rent the camper. We move everything over. And I start driving through Las Vegas and our first stop is a Zion national park, which is about three hours away in Utah.
And I'm super uncomfortable just cause, you know, I've, I used to own a truck, but I've got this truck with this 2000 pounds on top of me as well. So I'm just like, I'd be very cautious and I get in the truck and I'm pretty disappointed right off the bat because it's just not very nice. It's roll up windows.
It's there's no features at all. There's no cruise control. Yeah. And I'm sitting here thinking, man, we're going to be driving this thing, thousands of miles. And like, and we were spoiled by that brand new Tahoe too. I mean, our family, car's a Tahoe, but it's a 2008 Tahoe, 12 years old. So we got to experience for four days, this 2020 Tahoe.
Super nice. And we get in this just bare bones, Ford F 150, and we're driving through Las Vegas and I'm just like, I'm going fairly slow. I've got my hands clenched on the wheel. And all of a sudden I get a sensor, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. And I see like tire pressure, something, something I'm like, man, we're on this seven lane wide interstate in Las Vegas.
And. I'm like, Oh, I have a flat tire. This is awful. There's nowhere to pull over. I'm freaking out. And so we find the very next exit and I pull over and it's the strip, the Las Vegas strip. And so I pull off, but instead of turning left on the strip, I just turn right, because right. Turns are far easier. And man, if you take a right right there, it's not a very good part of town.
So we drive a little bit further and find somewhere to pull over and compose ourselves. Mostly me needed to be composed. And as it turns out, it's just the sensor that tells you if you have low tire pressure that went off and not actual low tire pressure. So we called them. They're like, well, you can turn it off around, come back.
We can try to fix it. Or you can just go on and know that that sensor is not working. So it didn't start well from the start of having this thing. So we got back on the road, we drove to Zion. We get there, we pull in, well, actually we stop at a little grocery store and then we get there and we start setting up.
It's the evening fridge doesn't work. There's a little wet bath in there. They didn't clean it. It was dirty. Like, gosh, And it was just so small for four of us. Like, I could definitely see two people making that work. There was four of us and it was just so, so small. Like literally only one person gets to stand up at a time inside of there.
And so we managed to sleep in at one night and the next day we got up and, uh, this is our first day at a national park and we're in Zion national park and we have a bike tour scheduled and we go do that. And I'm sure you're going to ask, like, what was the favorite thing you did that, that was it, the bike tour in Zion.
Have you, have you been designed before? Yeah. Zion is my favorite, like Southwest, like red rock style park. It's it's fantastic. It's amazing. And like the thing to do there is biking as well. And I know you're obviously a huge fan of biking, so that was just amazing. But we get back and we put the girls down for a nap in the truck camper.
It's like 105 degrees outside and we have no shade where we are. So my wife and I are like, get him down. We stand outside. We're like, uh, what do we do now? And so we literally get in the truck and start it because we had nowhere else to go. And so, um, I look at her, I'm like, babe, if we're going to change anything about our trip, it's gotta be right now.
We can't just keep going where our schedule says, we're driving to Yellowstone the next day, you know, Montana. And so we talk about it, we weigh the pros and cons of this and that. And at the end of the day, what we decided to do. It was after the girls woke up, we checked into a little lodge and I drove three hours back to Vegas, dropped off the camper and rented a Chevy suburban.
And I got back to them about one 30 in the morning, and that allowed us to keep our existing itinerary all the same. Then we just switched to a suburban instead of that truck camper. And we stayed at. It hotels and lodges, which was not our plan because we were trying to have a very, you know, COVID friendly trip.
And so we stayed mostly at places that were outside access that we could get to without having to go through an inside. And when we always requested ground floor and always wore a mask. And we came out of it, a very healthy and we're very, very careful. So that's our one night in the RV quote unquote, on our RV trip that turned into a suburban trip, but it ended up being fantastic.
We love doing the road trip in the suburban and it was an amazing trip overall.
Dr. Krohse: [00:07:44] Well, that's a, I mean, that's a great call and you know, it was interesting when my wife and I, so we, we went up we're in Iowa, but we went up to the great lakes for six days. And the first day we were sitting in this little outdoor brewery and, uh, I was talking with my wife about your trip.
And I said, you know, I mean, Jacq. In the last couple of months, like he brought in, I mean, essentially a quarter million dollars. I'm like, I don't know. I mean, I I'm like, I know who you are and I know that that doesn't really change who you are, but I'm like, there's still, it'd be kind of like, what do you do?
And I mean, one of the things is just, it gives you freedom that like, yeah. Things aren't right. I mean, you do have this freedom, not that there was probably a super huge increase in cost, but, um, yeah, you definitely made the right call there. Um, that sounds terrible. Like. I was, if you were going to stay the whole trip in that vehicle, I was going to ask you what you name the vehicle, because when you have a car like that and you're doing a cross country trip, you definitely have to name it.
I know my friends and I did a cross country trip in this Mazda, 626 of mine that was burning. And we named her surely, cause we said, surely she'll make it. And we were constantly giving her dogs. Oh my gosh.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:08:48] Well that's yeah, we always name our cars and the truck camper actually came with a name. It was called Ohana from the place that we got it from, but you know, all Honda didn't stick with us very long.
So then we switched to suburb. We had burb for a few weeks there. So. Yeah, but yeah, you know, and I sat it on the podcast several times during the trip. It's like trips. Like this are exactly the reason that I wanted to start an online business, the type of business that I did start because for five weeks I worked very, very, very little and it was a nice break, but yeah, at the same time, I also love my work.
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back to work, getting back to interacting with my students, both on the piano side and on the online course side. And it's almost like, I think in the four hour workweek, he recommended like many retirements and that's certainly not what I did. I think what he recommended was like little three months here and there, which I have done one of those over in France.
But five weeks was a good, a good little break. Good little family trip over the summer. And now things are getting a little bit back to normal over here.
Dr. Krohse: [00:11:13] So what were your favorite places on your trip? What were your highlights?
Jacques Hopkins: [00:11:26] Okay, so we're just moving right. Well, I mentioned you, the Zion was amazing. Like, to be honest with you, I never even heard of it before this trip. Like my wife kind of planned out where we were going in what order?
And she, she, it was just, you know, kind of there between Vegas and Yellowstone and it turned out to be both of our favorite places and, and we would love to go back there for like a week. We were there for two nights and most of it was super stressful because of the camper situation, unbelievably beautiful, the paved road, where you can bike through it.
Pretty amazing. There is one of the main things to do in Zion is called Angel's landing. It's a hike and it was closed because of COVID. Our bike guide was telling us why it's, because there's places where it gets very, very narrow. And so you have to kind of be on top of people and he was telling, and I don't know about you, but I'm pretty afraid of Heights.
That's one of my things, there was a couple of times just driving through the mountains where I got a little, a little anxiety, but he was telling me about this one spot. You're almost Angel's landing to where it's for a few feet. You're going. It's 28 inches wide and you look down one side, it's straight down 900 feet and you look down the other side, it's straight down 1100 feet.
Like just the thought of that makes me cringe so hard. But yeah, there's a lot. There's a lot going on there at Zion and we definitely want to make it back there. Number two is spice, a Dona Sedona, Arizona, another just beautiful place. And then Moab, Utah, and specifically the arches national park was definitely in the top three as well.
Now that I think about it, those are all like red rock places. It's just so different than where I live and maybe that's part of it. And it's just cool to be able to see things that are just so different than what I'm used to. I mean, Where I live here. It's just, it's completely flat. So anytime there's any terrain, it's something different than what I'm used to.
Dr. Krohse: [00:13:14] Yeah. I, 100% agree. Um, my wife and I have done our last few trips. We've gone to New Mexico, San Diego, Tucson, Arizona. And every time I come back, my patients are like, Oh, You know, how was it? And I was like, it's good. But if you haven't gone there yet, you have to go to like Sedona and XY on national park.
I'm like, those are the 10 out of 10 places. And so just 100% agree with you on that.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:13:38] I should have ran my itinerary by you before we left. You're pretty well traveled. Yeah. And I've got a photographer friend in the online course space. I'm trying to get them on the podcast, shout out to Tim Shields. And he was asking me about some of the places we were going and he's a big time photographer.
So he's been to all these places and he also said Zion was just the best place for taking pictures and is in one of his favorite places. But it's funny because I posted, when I got back, I posted a picture, one picture in the online course community, our Facebook group. And then I listed all the places that we had been through.
And the picture I posted, I didn't say where it was from, but it was from Arches National Park, right outside of Moab. And it was this specific arch called the double archs. And of course Tim was the only one that he comments like, Oh, the double arches. I'm sure he's photographed at many times.
Dr. Krohse: [00:14:28] Yeah. Well, on our trip, I mean, we went, kayaking, hiking ate tons of cheese.
Cause we were up in Wisconsin was I'm just a total cheese fanatic. Really? So really enjoyed that, but the kind of funny part of a trip for me this time, I got to bring some of my own bikes. And so the rhythm of our trips, Valjean usually likes to just relax. Do yoga, have some meditation time until about 9:15 in the morning.
And I always wake up super early. And so I'll go out for a bike ride, but are you familiar with the app? Strava is a little bit of an addiction of mine.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:14:59] I think it rings a bell. Tell me about it.
Dr. Krohse: [00:15:00] Okay. Well, strong well is a social network essentially for cyclists and runners, where you, every run or bike ride goes onto Strava and you can name it.
You can add photos, people give you kudos. Yeah. Which is like the equivalent of likes and loves. Um, but the fun part of it is that it has this. feature called segments, which is the basic ideas that anybody could run or bike through a section of a road or trail. Then they get back and look at their ride and you can select that section and turn it into a virtual race and then Strava.
We'll look at back at every single person that's ever written their bike through that section and put them on a leaderboard from fastest to slowest. And so if you're the very fastest person on the leaderboard, you're called the King of the mountain or queen in the mountain. And then what's really funny about this thing is like, let's say that you were the King of the mountain, have a segment near you. And I came in, I rode through it, Strava would actually send you this email that says. Oh, David, Krohse just stole your King of the mountain. And it's a little nasty gram email. I mean, it's kind of a provoking, but essentially that's, I don't know, like I'm not competitive about everything, but this idea of racing segments just really initiated this competitive side of me and I actually have a bunch of these King of the mountains. And so it was pretty funny. Like yesterday morning I went out and I mountain biked and there was this section of trail that I just went all out on was called the hootin hollow. And so at like 9:15, yesterday morning, I upload my ride and sure enough, I stole a bunch of a couple of these King of the mountains.
And then I actually Googled the guy that I took his spot.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:16:30] And then his name was Lance Armstrong, right?
Dr. Krohse: [00:16:33] No, it wasn't, but it's this family practice doctor up in Duluth, Minnesota. And so it was just kind of a funny thing. Like I was just kind of chuckling and thinking like this guy at 9:15 in the morning gets these emails like, Oh, David Krohse just stole your King of the mountains.
So that was kind of a fun souvenir is to think, okay, I have these couple of crowns up there along that line. It's kind of similar story. But when I first started using Strava, um, I was more of a runner. And so there's this Lake near my house. And I went down there and I ran around it as fast as I could.
And I actually, if we're running, they call them course records, but I got the course record and like three hours later, I got the email, the dude that I'd taken it from had gone out and like took it back from me. And I'm like, what? I, I didn't go out that same day, but the next Friday I went out and I like tried to beat him. And I got it from him again. And like six hours later, I got the email again. It's like, he took it from me and I'm like, what? And so at that point I Googled this guy's name. Well, the guy was a, he's an obstetrician and gynecologist. And so the funny thing I was thinking, I was like, I could just picture this guy.
Like, let's say that I went and I stole his time at like 10:15 at night. And then the picture of this guy he's like in bed and his wife hears him getting out and putting on clothes and she's like, honey, are you going to deliver a baby? And he's like, no, that butthole Krohse, he just stole my course record again.
Um, so, so yeah, Strava, if you're a runner cyclist, it is a fun way to, uh, just like interact with that.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:18:00] Then it shows you the power of gamification too, and apps. And I know, I think some online course platforms are even starting to implement some gamification features as well. And I haven't, I don't have much experience with that.
I definitely want to try to implement some sort of gamification into my courses sometime in the future.
Dr. Krohse: [00:18:17] Well, I wanted to ask you, um, are you competitive at all? Yes. What things bring out your competitive side?
Jacques Hopkins: [00:18:24] Uh, almost anything really. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you said you weren't very competitive, but then this brought it out in you.
But yeah, I mean, I played all kinds of sports when I was younger, you know, like, I mean, even something simple, like, you know, I meet with Nate every week and so, you know, we're competitive with our businesses really? Didn't yeah, absolutely.
Dr. Krohse: [00:18:45] So you just leapfrogged him for like a couple months.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:18:48] Oh yeah. Crushed him. I crushed him. Yeah. And I hope to never go back, but below him, was there some trash talking there just a little bit, just a little bit. I don't think he's as competitive as me. So look, I wanted to ask you, I mean, you, you went on a smaller road trip here recently and, and just got back when you're driving long distances.
What do you listen to in the car?
Dr. Krohse: [00:19:07] Oh man. Um, well when my wife and I are listening together, we listened to true crime shows. So we listened to the dating game show killer, and then chasing Cosby, which, uh, both of them pretty sick and twisted, but I have to say they make the miles fly by. And then I definitely don't have any temptation to fall asleep at the wheel.
As far as, like, I try to find podcast episodes that will like inspire my wife. So lately I started listening to the Harmon brothers podcast. Those are the guys. Yeah. Did the Squatty potty commercial, a bunch of other funny commercials. And so like, there was an episode about loony, which is, I guess, a deodorant for women's private parts, really compelling story.
And so I played that for my wife. And then also just on this trip, discovered JP Sears. Have you ever seen his little movies? No super funny guy, but he has a podcast that was really inspiring. So we listened to an episode with Ben Greenfield on it and a couple others. Awesome. As far as business growth, I was listening to the pumpkin plan, which is by one of your favorite authors, Mike Michalowicz
Jacques Hopkins: [00:20:07] Oh, that's your first taste. Interesting. I, you know, I don't think that I've read the pumpkin plan, but isn't that the synopsis would be that if, like, if you're growing a lot of pumpkin's like, if there's one you want to focus on like the one big pumpkin and like, am I getting this right? Or have you gotten far into it?
Dr. Krohse: [00:20:22] Yeah. I mean, essentially. Yeah. You want to really focus in on your ideal customers and fire the ones. Fire the ankle biters and the joy stealers. And then, I mean, the other thing is just that you have to create that unique solution, that unique selling point that stands out to your unique, your ideal customer.
So really finding a way to differentiate your service above the others and make it sound like this new solution often at a premium.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:20:46] Yeah, very cool. I think I've read his three newer books fix this next clockwork and profit first. And I've read profit first several times, but I haven't dug into his older books, like toilet paper, entrepreneur surge, and then pumpkin blend.
I think those are the six books. Yeah. So on this a road trip, you know, obviously a big fan of podcasts and audio books. So I went through secrets audio book by Russell Brunson. And I, I hadn't read that book in like four years. And so I was able to listen to the new and updated version of that. And I really got into the concept of the value ladder. And just trying to think of different products and courses and whatnot at different price points and different values along the customer journey for both of my businesses and also read it a book called capital gains, which we were a, my wife listened to parts of that with me. So we were inspired after our first stop being in Waco, Texas, to dig into their story a little bit chip and Joanna Gaines.
Are quite famous, especially in those parts they're house flippers. And they had a show on, on HDTV and now they just have an empire. They have so many brands they're in target, there they're Magnolia brand. And then when you're in Waco, they have like their market, their coffee shop, their restaurant, like they have all kinds of things.
They're in Waco as well. So we listened to the capital gains audio book, and it's amazing. Like partnerships don't always work, especially when your business partner is also your spouse. But it's amazing how fricking, well, it worked in their case and they were just such a perfect match for each other. And there's just so many times where like, especially early on where chip was like, just so driven, he's just going after it, but then just like screwing things up and Joanna had to save everything.
Yes. I actually listened to that myself and yeah, that's the main thing I remember is that he just like charged into things like a bull in a China shop. Yeah, they just, they're just such a great match for each other. And then a man, it, beyond that, you know, what I listened to a lot was just the Joe Rogan podcast.
Do you ever listen to Joe Rogan?
Dr. Krohse: [00:22:48] Only when Elon Musk is on.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:22:50] It's like the number one podcast in the world. Right. But what I love about it, first of all, it's there, every episode is like three hours, but it's just such an interesting mix of guests. Right? So I feel like by listening to that podcast, I get well rounded kind of content.
And a lot of times things I wouldn't normally be doing, listening to, there's all kinds of professors that come on and politicians and an MMA fighters and comedians and health people and, business people. And it's just, it's kind of my little way. Like I don't watch the news, you know, I don't stay up really well up to date with current events.
And so that's kinda my way that I've been doing that lately because he releases a lot of episodes and usually they'll release it the day after they record it. So I can stay up to date with what's happening with, with the pandemic or with the civil war, right stuff from all kinds of different perspectives.
And so there's definitely a lot of listening to that on the trip as well.
Dr. Krohse: [00:23:39] So, can you recommend a specific episode? You know, I always want to know a specific episode if it's a podcast.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:23:45] Sure. He had Dr. Rhonda Patrick on shortly after the pandemic started because he was like, look, the media is just talking about how bad this is and how you have to stay home and this and that.
And they're not talking about what we can do to boost our immune systems. And so that's why he brought her on it's like they talked about health and how the best way to either prevent you from getting the virus or make it not affect you very much is to do all these things, to boost your immune system.
And the number one thing that she recommended was vitamin D. And that it seems like something like 80% of people that are in the ICU for COVID are vitamin D deficient and like 3% are actually have sufficient levels of vitamin D. So I listened to that one a couple months ago. I've been hitting the vitamin D hard, hard, hard since then, like 5,000.
I use a day of vitamin D actually just got my vitamin D levels checked a couple of days ago. And I'm pretty good. It could be even better though. So I'm working on that. So Dr. Rhonda, Patrick, one more, he had on. Kevin Hart recently, comedian actor, so entertaining and such a good guy. That was a fantastic episode.
Dr. Krohse: [00:24:55] I'll look those up.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:24:56] Look them up, man. So that's kind of what we listen to. You want to take a stab at how many miles we drove
Dr. Krohse: [00:25:00] total? I would put at 4,300,
Jacques Hopkins: [00:25:03] It was over 6,000 miles. No, we're over 6,006,000 plus I remember actually texting you at one point. I think it was when we were in Montana. I was like, cause you're for those that don't know, you're a chiropractor by day.
And so my back was just killing me from driving so much. I was like, Hey man, do you have any tips for driving? And I remember you gave me some tips and you were like, you know, is the Ford F 150, not too comfortable. And I don't know if I even responded because I didn't want to tell you yet that we punted on the Ford F one 50, but now you know the story.
So yeah.
Dr. Krohse: [00:25:35] That's so much. Yeah. Oh gosh. Yeah. I don't want to drive anywhere. I've split the driving time.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:25:42] She did a little when I would ask her to, but I'd like driving too. Yeah. And, you know, when I'm driving, she has to tend to the kids to hand him the snacks and make sure their movies are playing and what not.
So, uh, we made it work and it was good. No, no significant hiccups other than the RV, the camper not working out.
Dr. Krohse: [00:25:59] Yeah. That's awesome. Uh, what about a theme song for the trip?
Jacques Hopkins: [00:26:02] A theme song. What do you mean by theme song? Just like,
Dr. Krohse: [00:26:05] I don't know. I made I'm sure at times you have music going, or maybe there was a song that the kids were listening to.
What was the, when you look back on this trip and you were like, you hear the song 20 years from now and you're like, that's a trip that was good.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:26:17] You know what it is? So we didn't listen to a ton of music and sometimes like the kids would get sick of the movies and we would just put on like kids songs onto the radio.
But I remember. We were hiking through Yellowstone. And we were just like, you know, we had our bear spray and we were doing all the things you're supposed to do, but there's a lot of unknowns. And I had my little one and who's about to turn three on my back in a hiking backpack. And we're all just like kind of walking.
And we hadn't heard from her in a awhile. And all of a sudden she starts singing a frozen song it's into the unknown. And it's like the big song from frozen, too. And I just like turned around. I'm like, that is such an appropriate song right now into the unknown. And so we listened to that a ton in the car after that, it was pretty funny.
Dr. Krohse: [00:27:02] Oh, funny. Yeah. Well, on our trip, we were driving back through Minneapolis and, uh, apparently, so Prince passed away and they turned his compound or his home into a museum. Now it's called Paisley park and there are all these billboards for Paisley park. And so Val and I had to like pull up prints on Spotify and then, uh, Song.
My favorite Prince song is the song kiss. And I always say, it's my mopping song. When I was going to undergrad, I worked at the dining center and every Tuesday and Thursday, I would mop this entire dining room by myself and the radio station. They would have playing for some reason, Tuesdays and Thursdays, somewhere between two and four in the afternoon would play the song, kiss by Prince.
And I'm telling you any of the listeners. If you have to do some cleaning today, you have to do some mopping or some sweeping or vacuuming. Kisses your songs is perfect.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:27:48] Well, they go, alright, David. Well, that was our recap. Let's get into the other topic that I wanted to get into today. And I just wanted to tell a quick story about kind of this brand.
And so three or four months ago, pandemic hits and my piano business blows up in a good way. And I'm getting all kinds of new students, but not only am I getting a lot of new students, but I'm getting a lot of my older students re-invigorated, everybody's staying home. And so one thing I started doing is I started doing a weekly Q and a live Q and a.
For my piano students, and I'm still doing that because I started doing it. I just loved it. And I loved interacting with these people. And I just, there was something inside of me that felt like I had been neglecting these people for a couple of years while I focused on this online course sky brand, I've always been so motivated to turn piano in 21 days into a four hour workweek style business, and always was very proud of out of how little I worked on it all the while I've got over 5,000 students who can't get it, like can't get enough of my content.
Right. So I was like, man, did I start this other brand too soon? Have I been neglecting them? I'm having so much fun with them right now, interacting with them. And I'm a big fan of focus too. And it's like, and also one of the months I looked at the numbers and I, you know, made revenue was over a hundred thousand dollars for piano and just a few thousand dollars for this side of things.
And I'm like, maybe I should just stop doing it. And. I was talking through this with my friend, Nate. He's like, yeah, I get you. Here's what you should do is just like really we think about what it would look like and how you would feel if you did that. And I thought about it and I was like, I don't, I it's hard to tell without doing it.
So I kind of stepped back for a few weeks from this. We had built up a really nice backlog of podcasts several months ago. And so that's why there wasn't really a break in the podcast. But that is why there hasn't been any interviews or guests on the podcasts lately is because I stopped doing those for a while.
And so I did take a break from this for a few weeks and thoroughly missed it, missed it. And that's, that's exactly what I needed to reassure myself that this is a path that I want to do. And people are always asking me like, what's next for you, Jacq? What are you doing next? And I'm like, look, I've got my piano brand over here.
And it's going great. And I love those people and most of them love me as well. And then I've got this online course guy thing going on over here and it's the online course show and I've got my private students. They're my paid programs. And I just loved that as well. And so I'm just, just going to have to figure out how to make sure I'm giving both groups my all going forward.
And not do anything else. And I was telling somebody, I think yesterday, like if I can just continue doing these two things for the next 30 years, and then I'm in great shape and I'm going to be living a great life.
Dr. Krohse: [00:30:26] Yeah. Well, I'm thrilled. You made that decision, obviously, you know, for people that are listening, I started out as just this random guy that came across your podcast sometime early 2018 or late 2017.
And just felt like it was so fun to listen to you and they talk about courses. Now I enjoy chatting with you, but you know, looking at it from my perspective, it's like, you know, a guest a little while back that talked about doing these live in person retreats and people getting together. And obviously you've talked about going to click funnels live.
I mean, certainly I feel like. You know, the idea of getting together in a live in person thing would show just how much of a community you've built and people that appreciate getting to catch up up with you and just participate in your story. And so, I do think that you've built a community of people that would really be, be disappointed if you were to walk away from the online course guy.
So yeah. I encourage you to just keep it up and keep helping people reach their dreams.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:31:19] I appreciate that, man. Thank you so much. And we do have quite a bit of new listeners to the podcast, by the way, the listenership has more than doubled since we last talked, david. So why don't you for anybody new, give them a quick rundown on your course.
Like you're you, as far as courses go.
Dr. Krohse: [00:31:33] Sure. Um, well, my course is called wellness program expert, and I'm a chiropractor I'm in Des Moines, Iowa, not too far from Chicago for our international listeners. And as a chiropractor, I started a practice. Um, I took out all this debt and opened the doors and I knew two people in the town and thought that it was going to be easy and it turned out to not be, it was actually in the 2008 recession.
Things were slow. And so I started doing all of this types of marketing, throwing money at Google, Facebook, nothing really worked. And so finally I tried doing what's called a lunch and learn, which is just going out and providing lunch for a business in my community, telling stories, getting people to laugh, educating them about how their bodies work and how chiropractic can help them.
And people would come in and schedule. And some of the people, I still have patients from the very first lunch and liner that I ever did that come in as patients today. And so I found this thing that brought me here. Success. When I found jocks course, I had no, no interest in creating a of course, I just, to tell the story again, I had binge listened to how I built this, which is a great podcast about business growth and success.
And I typed into Apple podcasts, business growth, business success stories. Okay. And Jacq podcast showed up and I was like, all right, this guy looks all right. Let's give it a lesson. And next thing you know, he and Nate Dotson had completely convinced me that I needed to create a course. And so my course is just, you know, I would tell them people that I am not the hugest success in the world, but I found one thing that brought me a lot of success.
It brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars to my business. And so I said, you know, I can teach other people my, my success formula. And so I've gotten that off the ground. It's. Uh, well, honestly, it's on hold a little bit right now because of the pandemic. I mean, around the country, some people are bringing in food trucks or bringing in like icy trucks and doing little a lunch and learns outside.
But, um, my course is on hold a little bit as far as my main wellness program expert course, but I can see, uh, Path to greater success. And I really feel like my main, my main job as a chiropractor is a dream job as well. So kind of like you saying, you have two things you're allowed to have two passions.
There are times that I'm like, my course hasn't taken off hugely, but you know what? I love my main job too, its fun.
Very cool,
Jacques Hopkins: [00:33:46] man. Yeah. Like I said, we have some new listeners here, so I wanted them to get caught up, but you know, most of them are probably caught up on my story if they're listening to this podcast.
But if they're wondering who's this cohost guy, who's the who's dr. Kay. You, you do have a course as well. And the reason that we've got some new listeners because of a couple of pretty good size a podcast that I was on here recently. And I've mentioned that on previous episodes, but choosefi which stands for financial independence.
You've been listening to that podcast for a long time. And it's funny a couple of years ago, you actually reached out to them saying that they should have me on as a guest. And I appreciate you doing that. Yeah.
Dr. Krohse: [00:34:20] I reached out to them twice before we put it all together. I left them two different voicemails on their little system.
I was like, because the first time I reached out to them, I don't think I knew that you and your wife had paid off your house. And that was what, let you open a course. Right? So I reached out to them first and I was just like, Hey, like online courses could be a path for people to reach by as a side hustle or main gig.
And then once I learned that you've paid off your house on your path toward becoming a full time course creator, I was like, guys, there's this extra part of the story you guys got to get this guy.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:34:50] Yeah, I appreciate that. And so a couple of years after that, they did have me on, and that was a lot of fun and it's fun to see everybody's kind of process for podcasts as well.
And then of course the smart, passive income, and several people have been asking me like, how'd you get on there? And the way that I did it was, he's got another podcast called ask Pat, and you just kind of apply and kind of get coaching from him. And the first thousand episodes was you leaving a voicemail and then he would answer it.
And then once he got to sort of thousand, he actually talked to you one on one. And so I was actually on it, like episode two, originally years and years and years ago. And then, once he switched to just like coaching. I was on it two times. And one of those two times as we're talking, he just stopped. He's like, wow, this is an awesome story.
We should have you on the SBI podcast one day. And I was just like, kind of speechless when he said that, because that was probably a year and a half ago, two years ago. And I just, I knew that would just be such an honor. And so once I finished talking to him on AskPat. I immediately ran out. I was like, babe, guess what?
PatFlynn told me so excited about that, but like, I never heard anything. So I waited and waited and waited, and sometimes you can't just sit back and wait for things to happen. You gotta make things happen too. So eventually I'm like, screw it and then put together an email to his executive assistant and put a list of.
Vegas is like a value I thought I could bring to the SPI audience and also linked to the specific timestamp of where Pat Flynn specifically said, we should have you on the podcast. And she pretty much immediately responded. She was like, Oh yeah, Pat definitely wants to have you on let's get it scheduled.
So it was that easy for me. And so those are two podcasts that I listened to and it was such an honor to be on both of them.
Dr. Krohse: [00:36:20] Definitely. Well, I listened to that episode. I thought it was great. It was hard for me to listen to it from the perspective of somebody new to your story, because. I've been following your stuff for quite a while here.
But Pat also said that he was like searching for piano in the context of like learning his kids, learning piano. And he said that like one of the videos that you put out how to learn piano in four minutes, kind of like reintroduced him to you. And I love that part. I was just cracking up about that.
Jacques Hopkins: [00:36:45] Yeah, it was a fun experience for sure.
So, uh, that's going to do it. That's our road trip recap as well as the time when the online course guy was almost canceled. So thanks everyone for listening to another episode and thank you, dr. David Krohse for joining me yet again for all the notes and links from today's episode, you can find those by going to the, and for plenty more resources for your path to online course access, whether you're a complete beginner or you have a course already, I've got something for either one of you head over to the to check out more resources then. Thanks again, everyone. We'll talk next week.