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Just like anything else in life, not everyone in the online course community is the same or does things the same way. And that’s a good thing, because it means I get to interview other course creators and find how they’ve achieved success – even if their approach differs in some ways than mine. Today’s guest Tim Shields is the perfect example of this, and we had a great discussion about what works for him and his business.

“You have to take the first step… Stop dreaming and start taking action.”

– Tim Shields

This episode is chock-full of interesting tidbits and inspiring stories, so I hope you enjoy tuning in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:37) Upgrading and re-recording my course content
    • (2:43) Will my course always be on ClickFunnels?
    • (3:58) Expanding my team
    • (9:14) Backstory for today’s interview
    • (10:22) The Two Comma Club and what it means to Tim
    • (13:24) Digital vs. physical products
    • (16:35) How Tim found his passion and why he didn’t start sooner
    • (20:02) His “origin story”
    • (24:04) Where Tim’s audience came from
    • (26:39) How his lead magnet works
    • (28:31) The secret of successful masterclasses
    • (32:20) Transformation vs. information
    • (35:20) Communicating the concept of why his course is different
    • (37:09) Success stories from Tim’s students
    • (41: 23) Why we initially connected
    • (42:26) The value of awarding students for their achievements
    • (51:26) Incentives and tie-ins
    • (53:07) How Tim handles his student community
    • (52:10) Webinar systems and strategies
    • (1:04:38) Tim’s thoughts on selling additional products beyond an online course
    • (1:05:35) An aside on synergy and Tim’s work schedule
    • (1:06:29) Selling something new with tangible scarcity
    • (1:08:41) The circle of focus
    • (1:11:39) Tim’s course offerings with multiple launch funnels
    • (1:17:23) The importance of testing ideas
    • (1:20:11) Tim’s right-hand man for video editing and how he uses that video content
    • (1:21:57) His wife’s role in his work
    • (1:23:39) The beauty of outsourcing after bootstrapping early on
    • (1:25:42) Thinking about platforms, strategies, and ads
    • (1:33:19) Strengths and weaknesses of popular platforms
    • (1:38:47) Tim’s love/hate relationship with his email management software
    • (1:41:35) His thoughts on taking action on dreams
    • (1:45:33) David and I discuss Tim’s rapid success and The Two Comma Club
    • (1:49:35) The importance of reaching out and building credibility
    • (1:52:03) Thinking about how YouTube benefits different people differently
    • (1:55:45) How my advice to course creators is evolving
    • (1:57:56) The difference between information and transformation
    • (2:01:51) Do music skills give people an edge in attracting the opposite sex
    • (2:04:40) Thinking about how to help my students showcase their progress
    • (2:06:26) Discussing Tim’s “webinar sandwich” and work schedule
    • (2:08:46) Why I haven’t focused on hiring people who live near me
    • (2:11:11) Simplicity and freebies
    • (2:17:05) Re-recording and re-evaluating as I prepare for a re-launch
    • (2:17:13) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.