Hands down, today’s guest has been the most-requested by my podcast listeners for quite some time. Way back when I first started The Online Course Show, Nate Dodson joined me each week as co-host and new course creator. The rest is history! And at long last here we are with an update of where Nate’s at with his course business, what’s changed for him (and what hasn’t), plus a fun bonus story that may call into question the definition of “takeout.”

“There was a huge demand for this, and no one was filling the demand. I jumped right in… If you’re going to get started in an online business, being smart about it, doing some research, and finding areas of unfulfilled demand will make it feel more like luck.”

– Nate Dodson

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:43) Bringing back a much-requested guest to the show
    • (1:50) Milestones and different ways of measuring success
    • (8:50) How Nate discovered his niche and how it works
    • (10:23) Radical personal finance and failing to succeed
    • (15:43) Has having a profitable business changed Nate’s lifestyle?
    • (17:44) A question from David’s wife
    • (19:20) Ideas vs. money
    • (21:53) A typical week for Nate now that his business is mostly automated
    • (24:16) Accountability and maintenance
    • (25:38) Perks of having an online business
    • (27:24) Considerations about hiring employees vs. contractors
    • (29:52) Success stories from Nate’s students
    • (32:10) Exciting moments in the online course journey
    • (33:48) How Nate and I met
    • (35:36) Burning out and looking to the future
    • (41:30) Are physical product offerings worth it?
    • (43:06) (Not so) embarrassing stories from early on
    • (46:38) Favorite podcast recommendations
    • (47:37) Nate’s advice for new and aspiring course creators
    • (50:37) Thoughts on passive income
    • (53:46) His favorite software and tools
    • (54:40) Motivation and mentorship
    • (56:55) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.