If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you know that my first online course was not an instant success. That’s why I love hearing from other course creators about the highs and lows of their own online course journeys. Guest Kate Kordsmeier has a fascinating tale of successful blogging, making money, losing money, and turning it all around.

“What I liked about courses was that it was a way to reach many more people, i.e. have a bigger impact but without having to do more work. I was trying to find something that was a little bit more scaleable, a little bit more passive…”

– Kate Kordsmeier

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:47) Catching up with David on getting traction with your content
    • (2:49) Reflecting on who’s inspired us and how co-hosting is going
    • (5:01) Why David’s learning about standup comedy
    • (7:46) What I’ve been working on lately
    • (9:06) Celebrating progress with my Next Level Course students
    • (11:23) Introducing Kate and how she got started in online courses
    • (14:21) Why online courses instead of a book or a blog post?
    • (18:09) Going beyond basic content
    • (19:59) How Kate handles video coaching
    • (25:30) What about students who aren’t on social media?
    • (29:00) Value propositions + success stories
    • (34:11) How Kate has structured her course content
    • (35:32) Taking the course from idea to finished product
    • (38:39) Learning from a low point
    • (43:18) How Kate’s launch style has evolved
    • (44:59) Does passive income really exist?
    • (48:55) How the pandemic has affected her family and business
    • (54:39) Transitioning into an evergreen marketing model
    • (1:00:41) My suggestions for how Kate could relaunch to people on her list
    • (1:08:44) Conversion rates and traffic sources
    • (1:11:06) Making decisions based on niche and personality
    • (1:19:01) Kate’s favorite tools and platforms
    • (1:28:31) Advice for new and aspiring course creators
    • (1:30:52) David and I discuss the launch rollercoaster
    • (1:34:14) Recent changes in my business
    • (1:42:08) The value of analytics
    • (1:44:07) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.