Among the many perks of being an online course creator, something that never ceases to delight me is how amazing the course creator community can be and how much we can all learn from each other! That’s why I’m loving my Next Level Courses group and the course creators who are there teaching in every niche imaginable.

Today’s episode showcases a live Q&A with my Next Level Courses students. Every week we meet online and dig into all things online courses together. Some are new to the online course world, others have been doing this for some time But no matter where each member of the group is at, it’s awesome to be able to put our heads together and encourage each other to take things to the next level.

“It’s not just for passive income… we genuinely want to help people.”

– Jacques Hopkins

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:32) What makes today’s episode different
    • (2:17) The premise behind my advice
    • (2:46) Bringing on my first guest and regular Next Level Courses Q&A attendee, Kristi
    • (4:19) Growth and transitions
    • (8:46) What makes Kristi’s approach unique
    • (10:37) How we initially connected and started working together
    • (12:07) Thinking about how processes evolve
    • (14:23) Priorities and scheduling
    • (19:12) Kristi’s takeaways from a previous podcast episode
    • (21:48) Bringing on my next guest, Renato, for questions about webinar engagement
    • (27:48) Cleaning up email lists
    • (30:14) Advice and questions for Renato
    • (33:01) Implementing Profit First
    • (34:58) Bringing on Andrew, and thoughts on how to pronounce a very common word from the online course world
    • (36:10) How to improve storytelling and demonstrating value
    • (41:16) Thoughts on Andrew’s webinar
    • (42:59) What he’ll be working on next
    • (44:08) Bringing on Liz for questions about showing social proof
    • (50:47) How to frame the opportunity
    • (56:24) Transitioning from in-person teaching to online community-building
    • (58:04) Bringing on Matt to discuss evergreen funnels and cold traffic conversions
    • (1:02:31) Evaluating ups and downs in sales
    • (1:05:42) How important is consistency vs. flagship content on YouTube?
    • (1:11:00) Building trust without revealing too much of the “secret sauce” early on
    • (1:16:54) Wrapping up + why you shouldn’t procrastinate on signing up for Next Level Courses

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.