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Today, I am sitting down with online jewelry course creator Jessica Rose. Jessica has been teaching jewelry-making for over ten years through physical and online courses. Now fully online, Jessica shares her techniques for launching strong, planning and strategizing for the year, and how to sell and serve more to your existing customers. Enjoy!

“…I know if it’s my dream course, it’s probably a lot of other people’s dream course.”

– Jessica Rose

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:43) Thoughts on our intro
    • (5:48) Recording updates
    • (8:56) Update on David’s financial question
    • (13:08) Introducing Jessica Rose
    • (14:08) Who does Jessica help and how?
    • (16:16) How it started
    • (17:56) Covid and the pivot
    • (23:33) Transitioning the team
    • (24:52) Jessica’s secret to launching
    • (27:25) Setting a goal and doubling it
    • (35:01) Course vs. membership, or both?
    • (39:05) What lights Jessica up the most?
    • (40:45) What does her day-to-day look like?
    • (43:34) Finding and keeping good staff
    • (47:07) A first taste of success
    • (51:52) Using YouTube to build community
    • (54:51) Jessica’s top traffic sources
    • (58:11) Trying the 9-5
    • (59:56) Using Instagram and TikTok
    • (1:01:35) Jessica’s strategy and planning technique
    • (1:07:16) Where to find Jessica
    • (1:08:18) Welcome back/ David’s thoughts
    • (1:09:41) Mindset techniques
    • (1:11:54) The importance of building a loyal audience
    • (1:16:16) Repurposing content and pondering TikTok
    • (1:19:43) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.


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