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Today, I’m talking with former Google project manager turned “Art Scientist” weaver, Tien Chiu. When she fell in love with weaving over ten years ago, she never imagined it would become her career. Tien shares about turning her passion into a successful online course, the benefit of making mistakes, and how her wedding dress landed in a museum. Hope you enjoy!

“…I know if it’s my dream course, it’s probably a lot of other people’s dream course.”

– Jessica Rose

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (1:17) Candy bowl catch-up
    • (4:33) Paying it forward and the power of teaching others
    • (7:37) Tools I’m enjoying
    • (13:18) What’s causing the increase in The Online Course Community Facebook group?
    • (16:20) Let’s talk about weaving
    • (19:10) What and who does Tien teach?
    • (28:20) Success in online courses
    • (29:39) Free vs. paid classes
    • (33:13) Live launching
    • (36:58) Moving students from free to paid classes
    • (39:13) Motivating students in free courses
    • (40:32) Why live?
    • (43:52) What would Tien do differently?
    • (45:50) Making the move from tech to weaving
    • (50:00) What if it didn’t work out?
    • (52:25) Educating people on a problem they didn’t know they had
    • (55:58) Tien’s advice on making mistakes
    • (56:58) Her wedding dress and how it ended up in a museum
    • (59:35) What does being a successful course creator mean to Tien?
    • (1:01:55) More advice for course creators
    • (1:04:08) Where to find Tien
    • (1:04:28) David’s thoughts
    • (1:06:06) Momentum and getting the party started
    • (1:08:30) David, the Doner Kebab King of America
    • (1:10:11) Buying email blasts/ads for your niche
    • (1:15:02) David and I share our engagement stories
    • (1:23:05) Branding yourself and David’s new title for me
    • (1:25:21) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.


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