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Today, I’m sitting down to chat with the guys from Hustle and Flowchart. Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier have been working together in different capacities since 2007. Matt and Joe share their thoughts on Clubhouse, learning from failures, using your superpowers to monetize an audience, and having a successful partnership. Lots of great takeaways from these guys, so enjoy!

“Here’s what I realized…  the good ideas and the good conversations, they don’t stop. There’s always going to be one going on.”

– Matt Wolfe

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:45) An update on my new course and platform launch
    • (3:57) Will Dr. K’s wife finally be joining my course?
    • (6:57) Introducing today’s guests and how I linked up with them
    • (8:20) Welcoming Matt and Joe
    • (10:32) What are Matt and Joe most proud of?
    • (16:22) Money vs. impact
    • (19:38) How Matt and Joe ended up working together
    • (24:30) Being comfortable and losing the filters
    • (29:55) The two-headed dragon
    • (31:46) A brief beer detour
    • (34:04) The key to a successful partnership
    • (37:15) Tapping into your superpowers
    • (41:50) The simplicity of growing an audience
    • (44:29) Monetization options
    • (47:15) Matt and Joe’s membership
    • (51:06) So… where’s the course?
    • (1:00:04) Clubhouse and Tyrese Gibson
    • (1:09:48) Matt and Joe’s favorite tools for business
    • (1:17:00) Dream 100
    • (1:23:05) Where to find Matt and Joe
    • (1:26:21) David’s thoughts and takeaways
    • (1:32:09) Should I share my first video?
    • (1:35:20) Bartering and the roof story
    • (1:38:50) David’s Clubhouse animosity and an alternative platform
    • (1:43:30) Am I leaving ClickFunnels?
    • (1:45:41) David and I discuss our Dream 100
    • (1:49:19) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.


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