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In today’s episode, I’m talking with Shayna Oliveira, podcaster and creator of Shayna has created a thriving online course business teaching others English on their own schedule. We dive into how the business was born, the pandemic’s effect on her business, and asking the question, “How reversible is this?” Enjoy!

“Take action. The best way to learn is to implement and then see what works or doesn’t work for your niche or your audience. It’s great to learn strategies from mentors and role models, but it’s only by putting them into practice that you’re going to see are they going to work for you… Treat it like an experiment.”

-Shayna Oliveira

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:42) Dr. K.’s Date Day and Val’s latest course purchase
    • (1:36) My physical packs for Piano In 21 Days
    • (6:50) My first student on the new platform
    • (10:20) Learning with the Bootcamp Ride-Along
    • (12:25) What’s next?
    • (14:30) What about the Facebook group?
    • (16:04) David’s Dumb and Dumber video tip
    • (19:19) Introducing Shayna
    • (22:29) Doing it the hard way
    • (23:38) The end game and starting a business
    • (25:55) A false start and a real start
    • (30:08) An idea from a podcast and a college
    • (34:55) How does Shayna help
    • (38:43) Course vs. Tutor
    • (41:07) A decision against community
    • (43:20) How reversible is this?
    • (48:06) Shayna’s podcast
    • (50:52) Knowing when to take the business full-time
    • (54:00) The Pandemic Effect
    • (57:48) Shayna’s software stack
    • (1:03:27) Experimenting with Ads
    • (1:08:00) Shayna’s day-to-day
    • (1:10:05) Staying consistent
    • (1:14:40) Podcast passion project
    • (1:18:15) Shayna’s advice
    • (1:20:08) David’s Takeaways
    • (1:30:27) David, the expert on his own opinion
    • (1:33:35) Cryptocurrency tangent
    • (1:40:19) Facebook ad strategy
    • (1:43:00) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.

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