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In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Kevin and Jason from eCommerce Uncensored. Kevin and Jason have been working together for over 18 years now, so they know a thing or two about marketing. Join us for an awesome conversation around Facebook ads, knowing your customer, and the power of partnering up.

“We worked at it. We failed a lot. We created our own course… it completely flopped. Spent a ton of money. But it was a huge learning experience. And that’s what everything that led up to this point has been.”

– Kevin, eCommerce Uncensored

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:55) Catching up with Dr. K
    • (6:00) Platform updates and migration
    • (9:30) What’s my retail therapy?
    • (11:50) Introducing the guys from Ecommerce Uncensored
    • (13:35) Journal of Wildlife Photography
    • (19:50) The one thing that’s most important
    • (22:27) Giveaways and the legalities
    • (33:00) Where’d you start?
    • (35:00) Running Facebook ads and ROI
    • (48:15) The power of partnering up
    • (55:45) Why did Kevin and Jason’s course flop?!
    • (1:02:12) The buying decision discussion
    • (1:04:10) The benefit of Facebook groups
    • (1:08:45) Apple updates and Facebook
    • (1:50:50) Parting words
    • (1:18:27) Dr. K’s takeaways
    • (1:21:40) A giveaway idea
    • (1:35:38) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.


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