I’m back with another podcast episode, this time someone who’s been doing online courses since all the way back in 2009! Leon Turetsky has seen a lot change and some things remain the same in the past 9 years of teaching dancing. It was great to hear how things have evolved for him over time and what has worked for him and his business.

Research and figure out what people are already looking for online. Then try to create a piece of content that is better than what’s already out there.

-Leon Turetsky

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • How Leon first got the idea to start his own course, and the first steps he took to set up his very first website
  • The way that identifying his target audience changed every aspect of Leon’s marketing
  • The social platform Leon has doubled-down on for finding new students
  • Leon’s marketing funnel and the main ways he gets people to his site
  • The tips Leon has for course creators looking into membership-model sites
  • Other entry points into online learning that Leon has and is developing
  • How Leon juggles the wide range of entrepreneurial endeavors he’s involved in and what he is finding the most challenging
  • Leon’s advice for people exploring the realm of online course creation

We discuss all that and much more in this episode, so I hope you enjoy listening. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment below on what you learned from today’s podcast!