I’m here with yet another podcast episode, and this time I got to speak with Beth Blackerby, who has been doing online courses since 2007. It was great to hear from another person in the music space of online learning!

Beth first became interested in online courses through working with adult violin students, but no matter who your target audience is or what your teaching topic might be, there are lessons to be learned from her story.

It’s just a series of baby steps… Do one little thing and the next day do another little thing. It adds up quickly.

-Beth Blackerby

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • The “light-bulb moment” that inspired Beth to branch out from in-person lessons to a different way of teaching violin
  • The gap Beth saw in the online market for violin learners, and the way that she tailored her curriculum to the need she saw
  • How things have changed over time for online learning, and what Beth had to do to make her vision for her courses a reality
  • The marketing strategies that she used to eventually get her website out from the depths
  • What it took for Beth to feel that her online courses were a success, and the growth she’s seen since then
  • Her unusual membership model and the interesting reasoning behind her decision to not have auto-renew memberships
  • What Beth would have done differently if she were setting up her online course today

We discuss all that and much more in this episode, so I hope you enjoy listening. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment below on what you learned from today’s podcast!