I’ve been busy switching things up lately on The Online Course Guy, so welcome back to my new and improved podcast! It’s been fun putting together a brand-new intro, working with some new sponsors (links below), and most importantly having some great conversations with fellow course creators. I’m stoked about today’s debut with all the latest and greatest info that I’m going to share with you.

Niches make riches.

-Ari Blum

On today’s episode I had the chance to talk with Ari Blum about how he created his online radiation tech resources, and what he’s learned through trial and error along the way. Ari shared a wealth of insight and some stories that I could really relate to as a course creator myself. It was great to get his perspective on what worked (and didn’t) for him, and I’m glad you’re here to listen in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (0:00) My favorite takeaway from Ari’s story
  • (11:00) What initially got Ari interested in online courses while working towards his career goals
  • (12:26) How he identified his audience and started building his email list – before he even started developing his course
  • (15:42) The inspiration Ari drew from Tim Ferris’ business model, and the steps he took to get started
  • (17:30) The reason he classifies his resources differently than some course providers, and the unique offerings his website makes available
  • (18:50) What triggered Ari’s expansion into not only teaching but offering licensing for his niche, and how that affected the structure of his web presence and resource offerings
  • (20:05) What Ari considers his biggest mistake, and what he would do differently if he was a new online course creator now
  • (22:25) Why Ari needed start-up capital to begin his business, and what he used that initial investment to accomplish for his business
  • (24:11) How he’s leveraging social media to build niche-specific traffic while also benefiting from word-of-mouth marketing
  • (27:32) How Ari handles monthly expenditures – and the tools he’s using to help manage all the moving parts of his business
  • (32:08) Ari’s approach to balancing family and work-life
  • (34:44) The value Ari sees in using co-working spaces, and why he advises every new course creator to consider using one too
  • (40:01)  His advice for course creators looking to start their own online course business, and the value of really drill down into a specific niche

Whew – that about does it for today! Thanks for joining me for today’s episode. I hope you like what you heard! Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think about the new format, and what you enjoyed most about my interview with Ari. Until next time!


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