Happy 4th of July!

Today’s interview is a bit different than those I’ve done before, because my guest has actually never created an online course. But as the founder of Bonjoro, Matt Barnett fits right in here anyway, because he’s all about creating meaningful customer experiences and enhancing personal communications – without creating a whole lot of extra workload on the business side of things.

Automate processes, but not relationships.

Matt Barnett

I use Bonjoro to personally thank every student who enrolls in my course, so I know firsthand what a great tool this is to connect with others. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Matt’s product. We talked about why I love Bonjoro, but also much more than that. Along the way, Matt provided some really insightful thoughts on why and how connecting with customers on a personal level should be a top priority.

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (6:53) How witnessing firsthand the power of personal communication led Matt and others to develop Bonjoro
  • (9:42) Matt’s thoughts on the value of connecting with individuals, even in a time where so many entrepreneurs are trying to scale their business on every front
  • (12:03) His advice on when to integrate personalized communication along the different points of your marketing funnel
  • (13:10) What he considers to be “the hardest part of the customer journey”
  • (16:13) Where Matt draws the line between scale and personalization
  • (21:08) The fun story behind Pat Flynn’s use of Bonjoro, and Matt’s perspective on how treating all customers equally can lead to unexpected benefits
  • (24:00) Matt’s advice on where I (and other course creators) could improve communications on a personal level
  • (28:18) The importance of delight, and how to incorporate delight into interactions with customers
  • (30:07) What’s next for Bonjoro, and the direction Matt sees his business growing into in the future

I know I’ll be thinking over Matt’s words of wisdom for a long time to come, and I hope you enjoyed listening in. That’s all for today, but I’ll be back later this week with more cool tips and online-course-related insights!