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Today’s episode is a little different. It’s a short, casual episode with no interview, no Dr. K., just me. I want to share some updates and changes coming to The Online Course Guy and The Online Course Show. Thanks for listening!

“So my brand and this podcast are going through a few changes right now, and I thought the least I could do was keep you in the loop on what’s going on.”

– Jacques Hopkins

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (0:32) Keeping you in the loop
    • (1:14) Piano course updates and platform migration
    • (2:32) Room for growth
    • (3:25) Scaling back
    • (3:46) What this means for the podcast

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.


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Jacques Hopkins: [00:00:02] Regular people are taking their knowledge and content, packaging it up in an online course and they're making a living doing it. But not everyone is successful with online courses. There's a right way and there's a wrong way. And I'm here to help horse creators actually succeed with online courses. Hi, I'm Jacques Hopkins and this is the The Online Course Show.

Jacques Hopkins: [00:00:32] Hey, everyone. It's Jacques. And welcome back to the The Online Course Show. This is kind of an unofficial and pretty casual episode and pretty short. Just me, no interview, no Dr. K. So my brand and this podcast are going through a few changes right now, and I thought the least I could do was keep you in the loop on what's going on. One of the biggest struggles that I've had since starting this podcast way back in 2017 and the brand of The Online Course Guy is how to balance my time and efforts, considering I'm still very much running Piano In 21 Days as well. My online piano course. With a lot of thought and prayer, it's become clear to me lately that I need to give Piano In 21 Days more attention than I have been. Most of you know that I'm going through some updates of my piano course, both an entire new version of the course as well as a complete migration to a new course platform and my original plan was to have everything up and ready by December 1st and we didn't hit that. But then we targeted the new year. Didn't hit that. Then February 1st. And I'm recording this in early February and it still has not launched. And you have no idea how crazy that is driving me.

Jacques Hopkins: [00:01:42] We are extremely close at this point, but it is still not up. And add to that, when I reviewed my financials for 2020 and see that I had my first seven-figure year coming in at $1,015,000. Revenue only, of course we had lots of expenses. But that Piano In 21 Days brought in around 950K of that and the Online Course Guy brought in around 50K of that. It really makes you think. Dave Ramsey is someone I've listened to for a very, very long time. And one concept he always talks about is when someone pays you or buys something from you, the money they are giving you are certificates of appreciation. So I'm not saying that you don't appreciate me or this podcast or some of the other things that I have to offer on this side of things. But the unbelievable amount of certificates of appreciation I received from essentially one piano course in 2020 is amazing. And the more I look at it, I think there's just so much more room for growth, for teaching new people piano, for having more piano programs, for having more piano teachers on the team, for doing a better job with advertising, more with the YouTube channel, with the affiliate program and so on.

Jacques Hopkins: [00:02:47] And I've been doing a disservice to my piano students and potential piano students by splitting the same or possibly more time on this brand, The Online Course Guy, than on Piano In 21 Days over the past few years. The current version of my piano course is four years old. That's how long it's been since the last time I recorded it. And it is absolutely insane how much better this new version is going to be than the last version. With how successful my students have been, I am so excited how much more successful they will be with this new version. I think more people are going to stick with it. They're going to have more fun with it. They're going to be sharing it more and so on. So what's happening is I'm officially just scaling back on this brand. It's not going away completely. This podcast is not going away. I enjoy doing this podcast too much for it to go completely away. What's happening is that I've closed the doors to all of my programs. I'm not accepting anyone new into any of my Online Course Guy programs. I'm scaling back my involvement inside of those programs as well.

Jacques Hopkins: [00:03:46] In this podcast is going to stay exactly the same, except we're going to go to every two weeks instead of every one week. And I'll continue to share updates with you about what's happening in Piano In 21 Days on this podcast. I'll continue to offer a lot of value without requiring anything in return. So I completely hope that you stick around and keep listening to The Online Course Show. And all of this is is likely temporary. I love this brand. I love helping you with your own online courses and programs. I just need to take a step back right now. My hope is also that this time will help bring some clarity to how I can best monetize this brand and present you with the very best offers and programs for where you are. So thank you so much for listening. You are such a loyal and generous audience. I love hearing from you guys and what you're working on with your courses. And if there's something that I've said on the podcast or in one of my programs that's helped you, I love hearing that even more. But I really hope and I think you will understand why I'm doing this. Thank you for listening. Talk to you soon.