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‘‘‘This is THE BEST podcast for current and future course creators!” – Isaac Roller

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About The Online Course Show

The Online Course Show is the podcast Jacques’ wish existed when he started his online piano course back in 2013. Jacques shares all of his best advice on running a successful online course and also brings on successful course creators as guests.

Here are some nice things people have said about the podcast:

“It seems that the only people hosting podcasts about online courses are the people who making a living teaching others how to make online courses. I love this podcast because Jacques features individuals who have online courses in all sorts of industries, and he “walks the talk” from his own experience selling an online course teaching people how to play the piano!”
– Charles Medina

“I’ve been working on my online business for the bulk of the year and it’s finally time I get to creating my own digital product. I’m so glad this podcast exists. It feels like an online course on online courses but with free updates every week. Highly recommend!”
– Melissa Smith

“It’s hard to put into words how valuable this podcast has been. I have taken many courses on the topic of making courses, and this free resource has been as or more valuable than all of them because of the variety of guests and the specific information that is shared. Thank you Jacques!”
– Andrew Darlow

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If you are new to The Online Course Show, try a few of these fan-favorite episodes first.

MARCH 28, 2020

125: How to do EVERGREEN WEBINARS Right in 2020 (without EverWebinar)

We’re doing something a bit different today: I’m the only voice you’re going to hear on this episode. In this short and sweet edition of The Online Course Guy, I’m going to be sharing a big change I’ve recently made in my funnel: and why I’m so excited about it!

MARCH 28, 2020

121: About to Give Up and This One Thing Changed Everything

This week we’re hearing from Matt Santry, who is all about helping musicians earn more consistent income. While he’s a relative newcomer to the online course world, I think there’s plenty to learn from his story so far! Also, David turned the tables on me during today’s episode by asking me some questions about my life as an online course creator that I haven’t really shared before.

MARCH 28, 2020

089: START HERE – Online Courses 101

At long last, I’m back with an all-new episode of The Online Course Show! Lately I’ve been seeing some awesome growth in newcomers to the show, which has been really exciting. In fact, some of you have told me that you went all the way back to episode 1 and have been binge listening ever since!