Jacques Hopkins helps regular people learn to play their favorite songs with the fastest online piano course at Piano In 21 Days
Hi, I'm Jacques,
I help people create profitable online courses
My online piano course brings in over $30k per month completely on Auto-Pilot. I have helped countless others in all kinds of niches create and/or grow their online course as well. I have also interviewed hundreds of successful course creators on The Online Course Guy podcast. Click the button below to find out how I can help you.
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I am blown away at the knowledge that Jacques brings to course development and creating a following for an online program. This guy is the real deal and is one of the best resources for learning how to create a course effectively. The best thing about learning from Jacques is that he is not just some marketing guy who is marketing how to get better at marketing things. He is a successful course creator who can show you how to how to make a course for real people in your niche.
 Tom Geiss, GDandTbasics.com
Jacques incredible wisdom and generosity are on full display with his online trainings. The advice and tactics he has given me this year have been largely responsible for bringing my online course sales to over 20k/month. He candidly teaches the fastest path to go from idea to making sales and onto automating the whole thing so you have the freedom to pursue your dream life, For me this means more time with my family, traveling, and pursuing my other passions. Working with him was truly one of the best decisions of my life.
 Nate Dodson
I've taken dozens of online courses (and even other courses about online courses!) and wasn't motivated to take action. Jacques changed that for me. The teaching is inspiring and the next steps are clear. Exactly what I needed. Thanks Jacques!
 Holly Mathis, 3KillerSongs.com

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