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Jacques Hopkins helps regular people learn to play their favorite songs with the fastest online piano course at Piano In 21 Days
Hi, I'm Jacques,
I can help you build a 
Profitable Online Course
Based on your hobby or passion
Most of the online course training out there is by people who have only ever made money online by teaching others to make money online. I teach regular people with everyday hobbies like cooking, photography, woodworking, music, sports, etc to setup a profitable online course. Everyone has an online course in them. Let me help you with yours.
Most people trying to show you how to make money on the internet have only ever made money on the internet by showing you how to make money on the internet. It doesn't make sense if you really think about it!

I made a profitable online course in a niche that doesn't generate people money. I teach people to play the piano at 
If you have a hobby that you would love to show other people how to do, then let me help you create your online course. An online course about your hobby or niche can literally change your life.
So, how exactly did I take a topic like learning the piano and turn it into a $22,000 per month automated machine? Grab the Free Quick Start Guide to find out how...
(a picture of me and my family getting ready for the Tour de France during our stay in France)
Creating a profitable online course has allowed me (and my family) to:
  • Quit my day job as an electrical engineer (this was HUGE... oh, the freedom!)
  • Stay at home with my growing family
  • World travel (spent three months in the summer of 2016 in Annecy, France)
  • Earn a living from something I created and that genuinely helps people all over the world
I have cracked the code on turning a hobby into a profitable online course. Grab the free quick start guide to find out all the details:
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